Welcome to The Adelaidian. This page is about us and our blog.

Our names are Kristen Byass and Melissa Zahorujko and we write about all things fashion, food, travel and lifestyle on The Adelaidian. Our blog tends to cover a touch of everything from fashion runway shows and restaurant launches to theatre, film and product reviews. We’ve been on the Australian fashion and events scene for a little while now and have been able to collaborate with some amazing people and brands over our time; to see just who we’ve worked with, click here.

For those of you wanting to know who we are: we’re two best friends – both Australian gals in their early 20’s – who have recently packed up bags and made a bold move. Originally from the quaint city of Adelaide, we have changed our routines, habits and lifestyles entirely to live in the world capital that is London. We’re pretty much embarking on the adventure of a lifetime and plan on documenting it all the way through together!

If you’re a Londoner visiting our blog, we’d like to clear up just some quick FAQ’s we’ve been getting a lot of in our time here:

No, we don’t surf.

No, we don’t often cook shrimps on the barbecue.

Yes, we put Vegemite on everything.

Yes, we did leave the house despite everything wanting to kill us.

Yes, we are aware we aren’t very tanned despite having come from one of the hottest places in the world.

No, we did not grow up riding kangaroos to school. Although Mel did grow up smack bang in the middle of Australian desert, Alice Springs, which is pretty much as close as you’ll get.

While here in London, we hope to inject a little of the Australian culture by introducing our fave brands, businesses and designers to those living in the bustling Big Smoke. Vice versa, we’ll be showcasing London and UK to our loyal readers back home, as well as serving up a little travel inspo here and there.

For all you aspiring writers out there, we also accept submissions and contributing writers to the team! If you’re an ambitious soul or just have some interesting rambling to do and want it published somewhere, feel free to contact us via our Contact Page or email us at kristenandmel@theadelaidian.net.au.


What do you do for work?

I offer digital marketing services and social media management for fashion start-ups; currently, I am working in-house as a Social Media Manager and Digital Marketing Assistant for an online fashion boutique based in Chelsea, London, and offering freelance work on the side. My freelance work is mostly helping start-ups with e-commerce operations and SEO copywriting.

It’s a totally fun field to be in, with a healthy mix of creativity and technical work… I love every second of it!

What did you study?

A double degree in Bachelor of Journalism/Bachelor of Arts (Writing and Communication) with a sub-major in Public Relations at University of South Australia.

What is your favourite current fashion trend?

Co-Ords! So obsessed!

What current fashion trend do you dislike?

I haven’t been able to get into the bum bag. I mean, it’s not that I dislike it, I just haven’t found a way to style it right for me yet.

What’s the next travel destination you have in mind?

Gotta travel to the roots and explore the home country – Ukraine!

Kristen Byass: Co-Editor and Founder of The Adelaidian


What do you do for work?

I currently work for Adapt Worldwide, a marketing agency just off Oxford St (very dangerous for my bank account).

What did you study?

A degree in Bachelor of Journalism with a sub-major in Public Relations at University of South Australia.

What is your favourite current fashion trend?

I’m still loving the New Romantics trend! Give me floaty, floral anything, high necklines, frills and dramatic sleeves any day.

What current fashion trend do you dislike?

I try to keep an open mind about every trend, but one thing I would probably never use is those mesh shopper bags people have been adopting as handbags. No thx.

What’s the next travel destination you have in mind?

I would love to go to Norway or Iceland to see the Northern Lights! That’s definitely number one on my bucket list, and will hopefully be checked off early 2019.