The Adelaidian is an online magazine/blog developed and run by Kristen Byass and Mel Zahorujko. The website aims to bring exciting food, fashion and lifestyle updates to your newsfeeds, ranging from designer runway shows and restaurant launches to music reviews and local/national events.

We also welcome submissions and contributing writers to the team!

If you have any enquiries or wish to submit, please visit our Contact Page or contact Kristen and Mel via email: kristenandmel@theadelaidian.net.au


Melissa (or Mel) Zahorujko currently studies a double degree in Bachelor of Journalism/Bachelor of Arts (Writing and Communication) with a sub-major in Public Relations at University of South Australia. Her interests cover pretty much everything from fashion, photography, art and film, to travel, fine wine, food and more food.

Living, working and studying in the Adelaide CBD means Mel gets to explore Adelaide from top to bottom whenever she gets a spare moment. This makes it easy for her to keep up to date with what’s happening or changing in the central business district.


Kristen Byass has a passion for writing and fashion, having also recently completed a degree in Bachelor of Journalism with a sub-major in Public Relations at University of South Australia. Kristen has been a local to Adelaide her whole life and knows the city inside out; while she loves her little city, she also loves to travel and is often exploring.

When she is in Adelaide, you can find her eating food at one of Adelaide’s amazing restaurants 90% of the time, and the other 10% she’s probably deciding where to go to eat.