AFF Runway 4: Couture Culture

Couture is always an Adelaide Fashion Festival highlight, and this year’s Couture Culture runway had us in absolute awe.

Parading the likes of Alexis GeorgeJaimie SortinoCalecheGreta KateCouture+Love+MadnessEliza FrenchLiza Emanuele, Madame Zhou and Stephanie Chehade, the Couture Culture runway presented an array of inspiring creations from some of our best local designers.

Jaimie Sortino opened the runway with an absolutely ethereal selection of intricate gowns as part of his ‘Hymn to the Flora’ collection, styled alongside angular, avant-garde headpieces which dramatically concealed the face.

We admired the runway debut of Couture+Love+Madness’ (CLM) stunning new range, one in which we’d had the pleasure of playing around in as part of a blogger’s photoshoot just days before the show.

Moody tones of deep maroon and black made for a somewhat dark, striking effect on CLM designer Cristina Tridente‘s garments, and we loved the use of texture particularly with the studded metal islets.

New York Fashion Week Fashion Palette participant Stephanie Chehade offered something quite unique and ever so risqué, yet still incredibly classy and feminine in its own right.

Her collection featured high splits and sexy cuts, styled alongside short black choppy hairstyles and statement earrings.


Images: NKM Images Photography

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