‘Eyela’ is the SA-grown beauty label you need to know about

Local lady Christina Kakkoufas of  The Lash Lab has done her research; she knows just about everything there is to know about eyelashes, eyelash extensions and eyelash products.

Christina invited us into The Lash Lab the other week to give us our very own set of eyelash extensions and personally introduce us to her brand new beauty product Eyela: a mascara designed specially to work with eyelash extensions. Warmly welcoming us into her Plympton-based studio, her two fur-babies Diego and Zara were first to grab our attention as they pounced towards us eagerly. The playful pup and soft kitty were arguably the highlight of our visit (apart from the eyelashes, of course) as we spent majority of the time playing on the floor with them instead of actually getting started with our appointment.

Everything about our experience with Christina of The Lash Lab was 10/10 and the end result was, well, probably the best eyelash extensions we’ve had yet. It was clear to us that Christina had perfected her passion and was absolutely thriving in it. To some, spending an hour-and-a-half gluing individual extensions to each and every natural eyelash may sound painstaking, but to Christina it is therapeutic and relaxing.

Little Zara and her hatred of pens!

Little Zara and her hatred of pens!

It’s been a good four-and-a-half weeks now and we are continuously getting comments and compliments on the length of our lashes. There’s no doubt their longevity can be attributed to the mascara product we’ve been using: the previously mentioned Eyela. In a bid to find out more about this must-have new beauty product designed by Christina herself, we conducted a little interview. Read Christina’s answers below!

What inspired you to start Eyela?

As a lash technician, the most frequent question my clients would ask me is: “Can I wear mascara with my lashes, and if so, which one?!” After months of research and trialling majority of mascaras on the market, I personally could not recommend a mascara that would be safe for my clients to use on their eyelash extensions.

I saw this as an opportunity to create a mascara for myself, my clients and all the women in Australia with a lust for eyelash extensions. Whether it’s for fullness or flirty lengths, Eyela is the safest mascara for your your eyelash extensions.

i just want eyelash extensions forever fml

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What are the main ingredients used in the mascara?

Eyela is truly extraordinary with just seven natural ingredients! Eyela is not only a black mascara but an aftercare treatment for your natural lashes. Two of Eyela’s active ingredients are Vitamin E and Keratin, which help strengthen and encourage natural eyelash growth.

Eyela has a different, slightly sticky consistency compared to “normal” mascara’s and this is due to the addition of beeswax. This not only replaces the oil and synthetic waxes found in normal mascaras but lets the formula to glide over your lashes without clumping them together and allowing each of your natural lashes to receive the aftercare treatment.

When I set out on the path to developing Eyela I wanted something that was was true to me and what I believe in. So, Eyela is not tested on animals, made with 100% natural ingredients, is safe for the most sensitive eyes as it’s paraben/preservative-free and is vegan friendly.

Eyela mascara.

Eyela mascara.

Where can I get Eyela?

The Eyela retail family is growing to salons around Australia, which is so exciting! But it’s easily purchasable online via www.eyela.com.au.

In the future I would LOVE to see Eyela available in pharmacies Australia wide, for women with or without eyelash extensions, as I think more women should be opting for all natural makeup that’s not tested on animals.

What are some of the responses you’ve received about Eyela?

I am so grateful for all the amazing feedback I’ve had from Eyela users; they LOVE it!  One of my Lash Lab clients – who had been getting eyelash extensions for a long time – always had short, weak lashes. Since using Eyela consistently with her eyelash extensions, her natural lashes have thickened and doubled in quantity. It’s just amazing and I am so happy for her!

Inside The Lash Lab.

Inside The Lash Lab.

If you could recommend one major beauty tip, what would it be?

Sleep with a silk pillowcase. It’s not only great for your eyelash extensions (because it doesn’t pull them out with you sleep face planted down 🙂 ), but it’s great for preventing wrinkles and keeping your hair untangled.

What is it about eyelashes that you love so much?

Haha, I’m obsessed with them. It is literally the first thing I notice on everyone! As they say, your eyes are the window to your soul, and eyelash extensions which are tailored to suit your face can enhance your natural beauty, which is an aspect I just love. There is nothing more glamorous than a woman who has beautiful luscious lashes with natural makeup… Perfection!


You can follow Christina and her work on Instagram via @eyela_ and @thelashlabsa. Book an appointment here.


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