Free Heineken 3? Say no more!

The count-down to summer is on, and with that comes free beer for all!

What’s better than a refreshing cold beer after an exhausting day? Well, a free one of course!

It’s no secret that Australians are a big fan of a brew or two, and the rich taste of a Heineken beer is an experience we’re all familiar with. South Australia is one of the few lucky states that will be following Heineken in the release of their latest mid strength brew, Heineken 3.

The Heineken team want Aussie’s to try out the new tantalizing creation by opening up a tab for the public to take advantage of (yes this is real). In the count-down to summer, you will have the opportunity to stop by and grab a complimentary Heineken 3 from a range of different venues across SA. This new infusion is everything you could want in a good beer; low in carbs, calories, and enriched with the classic premium taste that will leave you dreaming of the summer nights ahead. And as if the free bevvy isn’t enough, Heineken has composed a summer inspiration guide to help you get the most out of Australia’s sunny season!

The Heineken 3 has been classed the beer for all occasions. Whether it’s calming the first-date nerves, getting through the drawn-out wedding season, or just kicking back and rewarding yourself after an intense work day, Heineken want you to do it with class. Plenty of Aussie icons have already jumped on the bandwagon, reputing it hot on the scene. Filling the esky with Heineken 3 this summer is a choice that will compliment your lifestyle, helping you feel cool, look cool, and hopefully sound cool when it’s time for late night karaoke…

You can find a list of the participating venues and learn how to claim your freebie by following the link here. On that note, it’s time to clink your glasses and cheers to free beer!


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