Gaucho’s New Menu Is A Must For Argentinian Lovers

When most people think of Gaucho’s, images of tenderly cooked steak and mouthwatering meats often come to mind. While Gaucho’s do serve great steaks, their roots lie in all kinds of Argentinian cuisine (not just meats!), and the new menu aims to deliver the best Argentinian food right here in Adelaide.

Gaucho’s have been an institution for amazing food for the past twenty-five years, and their new menu combined with the high-standard service creates an evening that’s about more than just getting a meal. The staff at Gaucho’s genuinely care about their customers and are astoundingly knowledgeable. From the moment you are seated to the very end of your Gaucho’s experience, the waiters and waitresses will provide you with nothing other than five star service at all times. Not once will you be left stranded, desperately trying to grab a lone staff member’s attention!

Brothers Tony and Joe Puntureri are the owners behind the business, passionate about showing Adelaide that Gaucho’s isn’t just about steak. Sure, they may have won Adelaide’s Best Steak in the South Australia Restaurant and Catering Awards a multitude of times, but have you tried their seafood?

The brand new menu offers some amazing traditional Argentinian dishes cooked with some original Gaucho’s twists, and you can find everything from tender meat to pristine seafood. There are even some delicious vegetarian dishes for those non meat-eaters out there! Offering the menu in easily navigated sections: Entrada houses the menu’s entrees, Primer Plato covers smaller dishes for you to share and enjoy before the Segundo Plato, which are the menu mains, or Carnes a La Parilla, which is where you’ll find the larger meat dishes. Salsas Para Carnes includes a selection of flavoursome sauces for you to add to your meats, and Ensaladas e Verduras are a variety of tasty vegetable dishes.



Artisan Sourdough and Oliva


Picada Con Berenjenas En Escabeche

The Artisan Sourdough was freshly baked and unbelievably soft on the inside. Served with extra virgin olive oil and organic sea salt, this dish paired perfectly with the Picada Con Berenjenas En Escabeche, which was an antipasto platter consisting of artisan salumi, house charcuterie, pickled eggplant, mustard and crunchy crostini. The meats were soft and pulled apart easily, and the addition of the crostini balanced out the saltiness of the meats and pickled eggplant. The Oliva dish was warm, mixed olives with cilli, paprika, lime and tequila, and were a tasty treat to nibble on while waiting for the main meals.

Primer Plato

Empanadas De Frijol Negro

Empanadas De Frijol Negro

A tasty vegetarian option, these pastries are a traditional Argentinian dish filled with black beans, spinach and provolone cheese. The pastry was soft and flakey with just the right amount of crunch, and the warm filling provided a flavoursome burst on the palette. These pastries also come in a popular meat option, Empanadas De Carne, which are filled with beef, olive, egg and raisin.



Another meat-free option, the Provoleta is a terracotta-baked provolone cheese with roasted peppers, green chimichurri and served with grilled sourdough. Using slices of bread to dip into the dish, the warm and stringy provolone cheese pulled apart in a manner not dissimilar to a cheese fondue, only slightly tougher to breakthrough. Definitely a favourite of ours!



A dish found quite commonly in a variety of restaurants, Chorizo sausage is absolutely delicious when cooked right. This particular char grilled pork and fennel sausage was divine, extremely soft and can be paired perfectly with Gaucho’s signature chimichurri sauce or on its own.

Segundo Plato

Paella De Mariscos

Paella De Mariscos

This dish is an absolute must for seafood lovers. The Paella De Mariscos is baked with Calaspara rice, aged chorizo, saffron, paprika and white wine, and topped with the Chef’s selection of fresh seafood. Pictured above, we have a deliciously soft and creamy paella topped with an amazing variety of seafood including oysters, crabs, prawns, mussels, squid and lobster. Might we add – this particular paella was gigantic in size! Perfect to share as a main with a group of friends or family.




We have sampled a lot of Churros in our life, everything from the popular chain store San Churro to tiny little cafes in Spain. With our wide expertise on churros (we’d like to think), we can officially say Gaucho’s have the best churros we have eaten in our entire lives. Everything from the sweet softness of the dough, to the crunchy fried outside, to the grainy cinnamon sugar coating, these little guys will change your churro eating experience forever. Served with salted caramel sauce and raspberry coulis, we cannot recommend these highly enough.

If you want to try Gaucho’s new menu, we suggest making a booking on (08) 8231 2299, as they tend to get pretty busy. Gaucho’s have also recently collaborated with fellow SA brand Berenberg to bottle their signature Chimmichurri Sauce, a strong spicy sauce, orange in colour and comprised of a variety of ingredients such as finely-chopped parsley, minced garlic, olive oil, oregano, and white vinegar. It pairs wonderfully with almost anything. Gaucho’s have also bottled their Diablo Sauce, which is best used on oysters, cooked or fresh. Both of these delectable sauces are available to purchase now. We’d certainly recommend grabbing a bottle or two and throwing them into your home-cooking every now and then to add just a little bit of Argentinian spice to your life!

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