Get Festival Feasting at The Oxford Hotel

The Oxford Hotel, located in North Adelaide, is getting into the Fringe spirit this year by redesigning their menu to align with the festival season.

Creative new dishes with an artistic flair feature on the limited edition menu, such as Jap Che Salad with beef, vegetables, noodles and egg in Korean sauce and the Chicken Breast with capsicum and pineapple glaze, pickled corn, avocado roquette salad, pomegranate dressing and beetroot infused basil seed.

The Oxford Hotel has already nailed the street food aspect, with New Orleanian-inspired dishes like Whole Corn Cob with parmesan dust and lime paprika butter and Shrimp Po Boys staples on the Summer 2017 menu, and now Head Chef Symon Conway-Lyden has been able to expand on this to create the Festival Feats Menu.

The launch of the Festival Feats

The launch of the Festival Feats menu

“Designing a menu that possesses a festival theme certainly allows me to create more daring dishes and that’s right up my alley… It’s allowed me to execute a menu that’s delicious, yet modest and down to earth,’

“My creativity and inspiration behind the dishes derives from my surroundings – whether it’s hunting for ingredients in the Adelaide hills or strolling on the beach and smelling the fresh air, I use these elements when marrying a dish together to ensure every item on the menu reads as well as it tastes,” says Symon Conway-Lyden.

Each section on the menu has been renamed after some of Fringe’s iconic events, such as Starters being known as ‘Opening Night’, Oxford Classics as ‘Gluttony’, Dirty Candy as ‘Earthly Delights’ and Desserts as ‘Encore’.

The Adelaidian was invited to pop past The Oxford and celebrate the launch of the new menu with a fittingly festive party. Out of all the sample dishes we tried on the night, our favourites would have to be the Lamb Loin Chops, which came with yellow dahl, quandong, apricot kasundi and dukkah oil which we mixed in with the meat, and the previously mentioned Shrimp Po Boy.

Seared Scallops

Seared Scallops

And Chef Symon Conway-Lyden’s favourite dish?

“My personal favourite dish on the menu is the Seared Scallops with bacon, shitake, shallots, asparagus puree and truffle oil, you will not be disappointed.”

Located just five minutes from the CBD, The Oxford Hotel is open Monday to Friday 11am until late, and Saturday to Sunday 10am until late.


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