Get your Glo on with Bondi Sands

Pre-Ibiza and Greek Island holidays, our skin is looking a little worse for wear. Gone are our glowing complexions and instead we’re stuck with that pasty London look. When we heard Bondi Sands were launching a new range right here in London, we knew we had to get on board.

While UK drug stores like Boots and Superdrug stock plenty of instant tanning products, they’re quite pricey over here and tend to be the same price figure-wise as back in Aus (£19.99 is very different to $19.99!). Bondi Sands have released a three new products, all stocked at Superdrug for an affordable £9.99 (it’s soon to be launched at Priceline in Australia too).

Each of the products offers an instant tanning effect and can be used as makeup for your face and body. The colour pigments work to perfect and smooth your skin, while also offering a choice of three different finishes: matte, shimmer and gloss. Each application is designed to last for one day/ evening, and can be easily washed off with warm, soapy water after.

Our previous experiences with instant, wash-off tans have generally resulted in streaks and patchiness, as it’s practically impossible to avoid water all day. Kristen was gifted the matte finish tan and trialed it in an IGTV video wearing a white t-shirt (generally not a good idea). A little goes a long way with this tan, and it dried to a lovely smooth finish that didn’t feel sticky, was totally odourless and didn’t transfer onto her t-shirt. A little came off when she washed her hands but it wasn’t obvious and didn’t leave water marks on the rest of her arm. This is definitely the best instant tan we’ve tried and we’d feel confident using it on a night out without worrying we’d end up looking like a hot mess.

The launch party for the Bondi Sands Glo event was held at the fabulous Reign Showclub in Picadilly, and had live performances, plenty of sparkling wine and a fun photo booth. To take a peak into the event, head to our IGTV video here.

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