Indulge in your gourmet fantasies at Ferment the Festival

Ferment the Festival, previously CheeseFest AKA. a festival dedicated to one of the most divine foods on the planet, have just released their 2017 program and there’s loads to be excited about.

By just purchasing a $30 one-day ticket, you’ll have all-day access to all things fermented, including cheese and wine-themed activities, access to the beer garden, tea bar, whisky lounge, gin and tonic lounge bar and cider garden.

For those who want to delve deeper into the art of fermentation, workshops will be conducted in the Lab, with experts on hand to give tips on how to achieve the perfect home-brew, and tastings being held throughout.

Masterclasses are the perfect add-on for those who have a specific interest, and cover various food fermentations, food and alcohol pairings and a look into popular fermented drinks like Kombucha.

Three of our picks from the masterclasses would be Liquid Lab: When Gin Meets Fermentation, NOLA@Ferment: Chocolate and Whisky Pairing and Food Lab: Intro To Fermentation – Umami.

Director, cheesemaker and South Australian Premium Food and Wine Ambassador Kris Lloyd has been fascinated with fermentation since she discovered it through cheese and winemaking eighteen years ago, and began sharing her passion with others since the conception of CheeseFest a decade ago.

“Fermentation is this natural funky process that, for the most part, can’t be seen, but is responsible for taking something from its simple natural form to a complex and incredibly interesting finish. Fermentation has been going on for thousands of years – quietly and unnoticed and I think it is time we celebrated and understood more about this fascinating natural magic.” says Kris.

The festival will run from the 19-22 of October. For more info and to book tickets, head to Ferment the Festival’s website here.


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