Little Birdy Network Takes Flight

Venues and patrons unite as the Little Birdy social network hits the app store.

Little Birdy is a brand new app and social network that is using beacon technology to give you a fully interactive, real-time look at whats happening in venues across Adelaide. With plans to move into cities across Australia and eventually go global, the Little Birdy app could be just what we need to improve our partying experiences.

Live stats showing how many people are currently inside a venue and how many people will be attending later

No more losing your friends or ending up at the casino for us Adelaide party goers. Little Birdy has you sorted with a live feed of which venue is heating up, features that allow you to plan your night out and let everyone know where you’re getting down.

Automatically get checked in at beacon equipped venues and get rewarded for commenting and posting photos. The app even boasts a stats feature that shows you which venue is absolutely packed and which venue is chilled out enough for a quiet one.

The user friendly home screen

Venues can use Little Birdy to advertise to nearby users and keep everyone up to date with events that are currently underway. Venues will be able to post live photos of their evenings and display set times for featured acts.  There are even monthly statistics to show venue operators how many patrons checked in and how many users saw their advertisements.

As the app requires as many people as possible to jump on board and post where they are, the app is completely free. For venues interested in becoming part of the Little Birdy network, there are over 100 free beacons up for grabs that you can install to enable easy interaction between patrons and the app.


Jack Haines discussing the Little Birdy app

Little Birdy are continuing to develop the app as we speak and are working on bringing you even more great features like bluetooth integration, friends alert, hashtag functionality, personalisation for users and integration with other media.

Little Birdy is available for download now from the Apple app store.  Not to worry, an Android version is in the works, release date: TBA.

Images courtesy of Jon Wah Photography and Little Birdy Network

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