Long live the Fat Controller

It’s one of those gifts that just keeps on giving.

Fat Controller’s first birthday may be done and dusted, but the celebrations just seem to continue for the North Terrace basement.

With its edgy, gig-centric new look, the trendy nightclub has come raving into its second year of operation.

Formerly known as The Cavern, Fat Controller seemed to open up at a time when Adelaide was simply screaming for a fresh face on the party scene.

That face greets you at the bottom of the now-iconic stairway, like an old friend, welcoming you with open arms every time.

The beauty of this wondrous place is its capacity to deliver something for everyone.

You work in hospitality on weekends? Jump into Cable Kidz on a Thursday.

You love live music? Grab a bite of All You Can Eat on Friday nights and experience some of the best live stuff from Australia and abroad.

You love the traditional club setting, perhaps with a few awesome twists? Saturdays at Fats is your nirvana.

You don’t want the weekend to end? Well they might just throw on a Sunday Roast for you too.

In the space of what is now just over a year, this place has become a mecca for the weekend (or, very recently, Tuesday night) partygoer, band lover, VB enthusiast and techno-head.

So from all of us here at The Adelaidian, and all of us Adelaidians who frequent the Fat Man’s beautiful basement: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Fats, and may your next 52 weeks be as weird and wonderful as your first.

Photo sourced from the Fat Controller Facebook Page

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