Make room for life with Ikea

I don’t know about you, but the best morning (besides Christmas) when I was growing up was when the new Ikea catalogue getting delivered to my front door. I would spend the next few weeks pouring over the catalogue’s many pages from cover to cover, cutting out my favourite pieces to put together a mood board of my dream home.

Picture a minimalistic colour palette with a closet resembling Carrie Bradshaw’s, a spacious living room with a family sized couch and an inviting dining room perfect for hosting dinner parties. Over the years, on every visit to Ikea I have collected countless homewares, gingerbread houses and a ridiculous amount of pencils which will one day have a place in my own dream home.

One of the best features about Ikea is the affordability and accessibility of their countless functional, practical and stylish ranges. From selecting it from their enormous showroom, to assembling it at home (usually with a lot of help in my case) shopping at Ikea is a truly unique experience. For the 2018 catalogue, Ikea have researched, collected and presented ways to utilise your living room space as they believe it is truly the ‘heart of every day life at home’.

The 2018 catalogue will be available in 52 countries and translated into 35 different languages. Ikea have also collaborated with Danish design company HAY for a limited 2018 collection YPPERLIG and British designer Tom Dixon for their tech-inspired collaboration DELAKTIG.

To download your copy of the 2018 Ikea catalogue click here.

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