Movie Review: Baywatch

The 2017 movie remake of the cult TV series Baywatch is upon us, and we couldn’t be more into it. Directed by Seth Gordon, this comedic-parodical-action blockbuster has everything you could possibly want in a funny, feel-good movie: over-the-top acting, an attractive cast, silly one-liners and abs… lots of abs.

The official premiere happened nationwide last Thursday night, and we were invited to Hoyts Norwood to partkate in the festivities. Hoyts aired the Australian premiere live from Sydney, where we got the chance to hear Zac and his on-screen lover Alexandra Daddario speak about the movie before it began.

It’s important to remember that this movie isn’t meant to make a whole lot of sense, much like the dramatic original series. Many questions are raised during the movie, such as: Why aren’t the police actually doing anything to investigate these murders/drug trafficking? How does CJ’s gold dress manage to not ride up every time she moves? Where did Zac Efron’s character manage to find a fabulous outfit and put on a full face of makeup in such a short time? I mean, it takes me at least 3 days to find an outfit that good and 2 hours to do a full face of makeup. However, if you don’t think too hard and just roll with the story, you’re in for 2 hours of uncontrollable laughter and cringing.

And of course, all the ladies (and probably some lads, too) have been swooning over the little bromance blossoming between two main characters Zac Efron and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. There’s an unspoken chemistry between the two on-screen and in real life which makes the movie even funnier in retrospect. On top of the bromance, there’s guns, drugs, blood and all kinds of action-movie goodness, so you’re never once left suffering from boredom.


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