Pump up the volume with Maria Nila’s new styling powders

kristen byass and melissa zahorujko

This fab Swedish haircare brand has been on our radar for a while, boasting such cute packaging you really can’t avoid noticing it on a shelf. When we were invited into Radio Kings Cross to try out Maria Nila‘s new styling powders, we rocked up with pretty gross hair and high expectations. Fortunately for us, these expectations were well-surpassed, as we had a party to head to after and we were really not feeling our usual tip-top selves.

The two new powders are a Cleansing Powder and a Power Powder. The cleansing powder does exactly what it sounds like, acting as sort of a loose dry shampoo that freshens up your hair to give you that just-washed look (even if it’s been a few days, like it was for us). The Power Powder works to volumise your hair and give you a matte look, while also offering a 4/5 hold to give you that perfectly styled messy look.

  • kristen byass maria nila
  • kristen byass maria nila

Mel’s stylist used the products to give her a slicked-back, sleek high pony, while Kristen’s gave her some tousled curls, showing how versatile the powders are.

Like with all products in the Maria Nila catalogue, both styling powders are vegan and cruelty-free. If you want to check out the range, you can find them at their online store, on Amazon and at Radio King’s Cross.

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