The Naked Magicians

“Are you ready for some damn sexy magic?”

A sold-out theatre compromised of 97% women cheered out in confirmation. I cheered with them. Because what better way to spend a Saturday night than with some damn sexy magic? Christopher Wayne and Mike Tyleer stood confidently on stage. They wooed the crowd with a chiseled charm and broad, unrelenting humour. The show was already off to a brilliant start. The only thing that worried me was the fact that Chris and Mike weren’t naked yet. I mean, the two of them have dubbed themselves the “Naked Magicians”. If I didn’t want my magic shows contain some flailing male genitalia, I would have stayed home and watched David Blaine on Youtube.

However, like any good artist or performer, the Naked Magicians knew that all good things need a build up; a crescendo before the climax.

This was both my first magic show, as well as the first time I’ve been excited to see two adult men get naked on stage. Having refused to read the detailed program, reviews, or visit the Naked Magician website, I was unsure of what to expect from the show (although there was a part of me convinced they’d be using their penises as magic wands).

Although there was nothing like that, I was absolutely blown out of the water by this show. Mike and Chris have an astounding stage chemistry. The energy they exuded only increased the energy that was flowing throughout the crowd. Many people were selected to come up onto the stage and take part in the individual tricks, leaving red-faced and perhaps a little hot from the experience. The Naked Magicians left the audience members both in awe and in stitches. Seriously, I don’t think there were many points in the show where we stopped laughing.

But what really resonated, after such a quality and consistent show, was the final act: The eruption that crescendo worked so hard to bring to life. I won’t give anything away, but let it be known that it transcended traditional “magic”. It’s both strangely beautiful and fitting for such a show.

The Naked Magicians are wrapping up their last show Sunday February 21, but it would be a mistake to not keep tabs on the duo and attend on of their shows whenever you next get the chance.

We rate: ★★★★ 5/5 stars


Image: The Naked Magicians

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