UNindian Launch

Sunday night fellow Adelaidian writer, Nicole Pope, and myself attended the launch event for Anupam Sharma’s new film UNindian. The film stars former cricket star Brett Lee, and Tannishtha Chatterjee.

Well-rested from an afternoon nap and remarkably under-dressed, I made my way to the Piccadilly Cinemas, where I was greeted by beautiful women in stunning, traditional Indian garments. They ushered us along the red carpet, where our photo was taken, we took some photos of our own, and we got the chance to watch the stars of the film strut along the cinema and participate in a short interview.

The cinema was filled with men in well-fitted suits and and women in stylish dresses, all mingling beneath the dim orange lights and sipping from glasses of champagne. The staff of the event did brilliantly to provide for the guests; they were friendly and efficient in both their service, as well as seeing to it that the event transitioned smoothly from one phase to another. Every seat had a bottle of water, an information pamphlet, and the beautiful creation that was some sort of tandoori spiced popcorn.



You may be thinking, “Anthony, that sounds awful!”

But believe me, naysayer, it is DELICIOUS — And that wasn’t just the champagne going to my head. I have no doubts that it will be the next big thing, sold in cinemas all across the world. I won’t even say “I told you so” when it happens. I’m better than that.

The film itself is a romantic comedy about a young woman who begins to fall in love with an Australian man, despite their cultural differences and the pressure from her family to marry someone of Indian descent. The movie was charming, entertaining, and received a clamour of laughter and clapping — Which must have been very reassuring for the director and stars, who were sitting in the front row. Sharma was able to create a great Australian-Indian film that melded the cultures and really resonated with the audience. After the viewing, when the stars were taking questions, an Australian-Indian couple were sure to make it known that they could 100% relate to everything in the movie, and praised it further.


Photo: http://thelowdownunder.com/

Don’t get the wrong impression, though, you won’t need to be in such a relationship to enjoy UNindian. I enjoyed the movie for what it was, and although I found it very typical in its structure, and thought there to be some pacing issues throughout, these didn’t detract very much from my experience, and I found myself able to come away from the cinema with a smile.

UNindian launches in cinemas everywhere on October 15, so be sure to head to your local cinema to support those who participated in the creation of the movie. Brett Lee especially, because with any luck we’ll be able to get more scenes of him showing off those Bollywood dance moves!

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