5 Interesting Beauty Treatments to Try

Beauty-lovers: did you know there’s a whole world of weird and whacky beauty treatments out there that you might not know about?

Historically, beauty goes back some 7,000 years, with ancient Egyptians using castor oil as protective balm and women in ancient Rome using lead-based formulas to whiten the skin. Heck, even the geisha in Japan experimented with bird droppings of all things to paint their face whiter.

Cosmetics and beauty treatments have been – and always will be – a massive part of human history. And with all the technology we now have access to, there are more primping and preening options than ever. If you’re intrigued in breaking away from the beauty norm and dabbling in something new (or potentially old, like our ancient predecessors), we’ve compiled a list of 5 interesting beauty treatments to try.

1. Beer Spa

Yep, we’re well aware a bath in beer sounds less than desirable… but trust us, it’s a vibe! When in Poland, we had the opportunity to try a beer spa for ourselves to see what all the fuss was about. Beernarium Piwne Spa is a hidden gem tucked away in the mountains of a quaint ski resort town called Zakopane. It is here where we experienced our very first beer spa.

For starters, the spa isn’t exactly beer – not as you find on tap at your local pub, anyway. It’s actually the mix of ingredients used in the beer brewing process, combining yeast, hops, malt grist, sugars and hot water. So, in essence, it smells and feels more like a watered-down version of beer. C’mon guys, it’s not really as bad as it sounds.

Bathing in beer exposes your skin to high doses of vitamin B and active enzymes in the yeast have a fantastic effect on skin regeneration. The first report of bathing in beer was actually recorded 2,000 years ago and has long since been used in folk medicine.

Personally, the effects were actually quite noticeable. After leaving the beer spa and not showering until the next morning (gross, but necessary to reap max benefits), our skin felt all kinds of smooth and refreshed. Beer spas are where it’s at, people.

Beer Spa in zakopane, poland

2. Coolsculpting

Looking to reduce that excess flab around the tum? Don’t worry, we all have it… and anyone who says otherwise is either lying or is one of those Instagram models with unattainable rock-hard abs. Anyways, it is highly likely you’ve heard of tummy tucks and such, but have you heard of ‘coolsculpting’?

Coolsculpting is among the newer types of beauty treatments brought about by advanced technologies of the modern age. It’s highly unlikely our ancient predecessors got the chance to try this one.

Otherwise known as ‘fat-freezing’, the treatment does, well, exactly that. It freezes fat. Coolsculpting uses freezing temperatures to break down fat cells in areas where it is hard to remove fat by diet and exercise. The procedure is non-evasive and there is no recovery time because there is no damage to the skin or tissue. Sounds super cool, right? Check out the video below to get an idea of how it works.

3. Nordic Ice Bath

Brrrr! We’re getting cold just thinking of this one. Another exotic pursuit we’ve had the pleasure of partaking in ourselves, the Nordic Ice Bath is one for the brave. It is definitely not one for those who fear the cold.

More of a Scandanavian leisure pursuit than a beauty treatment, winter bathing in ice is actually quite a popular activity among our northernmost buddies. We know, we were surprised too. But when you get the chance to submerge into those icy waters for yourself, we have no doubt you’ll see exactly why.

Nordic Ice Bath

Winter bathing can offer a wave of health benefits. It can reduce inflammation and makes the body work harder to maintain internal temperature which, in turn, increases blood flow throughout the entire body. It aids in recovery from exercise and injury, as well as improving brain function and mood. Finally, it helps to increase energy, metabolism and weight loss. Phew, that’s a whole load of health benefits right there.

When we pin-dropped into the almost entirely frozen-over waters of a Norwegian fjord, body shock was, of course, a given. However, after lifting ourselves back out and returning to the warmth of a Scandinavian sauna, a swift wave of endorphins took over. Seriously, it was like, better than sex. Nothing compares to the aftermath of an ice bath.

Nordic Ice Bath

4. Cryotherapy

We’ll start by clearing this up for total newbies. Cryotherapy is NOT the act of therapeutic crying (although if that actually does exist somewhere, sign us up after 2020’s over). Cryotherapy actually continues on the theme of ‘ice cold’ treatments we seem to be riding throughout this article. And yes, we’ve been lucky enough to tick this one off the bucketlist, too.

Cryotherapy directly translates to ‘cold therapy’ which is a technique that exposes your body to extremely cold temperatures for several minutes. The treatment is said to treat tissue damage, decrease inflammation, increase cell rejuvenation, improve skin tone and reduce signs of aging.

I suppose you can say the Nordic Ice Bath is a form of cryotherapy, but the term most often refers to ‘whole body cryotherapy’ (WBC), which is the treatment we ourselves have tried. Hopping into a cryochamber, our near naked bodies were exposed to -110°C for a whole three minutes. Read all about it here.

5. Beesting Facial

Okay, we feel like this one needs a little clarification also. No, a swarm of bees is not unleashed upon your face and no, you are not stung a thousand times over. ? That’s simply preposterous, guys.

A bee sting facial does incorporate bee venom, however. A carefully formulated facial mask uses bee venom as the key ingredient, combined with other more soothing ingredients such as honey and shea butter. The natural antibiotics in the venom help to heal the skin and prevent allergies. It is also said to act as a natural facelift, fixing up signs of tiredness and aging.

The best part? No bees are harmed in the making! Thank goodness! A special process ensures venom extraction is kept natural and safe for our buzzy little friends.

So, out of these five whacky treatments, which would you like to try the most? Hit us up with a DM at @the.adelaidian and let us know, we’d be keen to hear your thoughts.

Images: Beernarium Piwne Spa, Shutterstock

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