5 Reasons to Jet Off to a Tropical Location This Winter

If you scroll through Instagram right now, your feed is probably peppered with photos of people on ski slopes and standing next to pine trees. However, not all winter holidays have to revolve around snow and cold weather. In fact, travelling to a warmer destination might give you the holiday you’re truly craving.

Before you book that trip to Vancouver, take a look at these scientifically-backed statements about tropical vacations. Before you know it, you’ll be considering exotic destinations like Jamacia and the Bahamas for your post-Christmas vacay. Trust us; it’s actually good for your health.

  1. Your Body Is Craving Sunshine

Whether you notice it or not, you spend less time outside during the winter due to bad weather. Even when it’s not frigid outside, you probably don’t see many sunny days. Therefore, your body also gets less Vitamin D, which can lead to the development of some cancers, memory loss, and an increased risk of developing certain mental disorders. Furthermore, people who have a Vitamin D deficiency are at a higher risk of heart disease, Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD), anxiety, and depression.

As if you need another reason to find a sunny place, sunshine can also help you boost your immune system and fight off nasty winter illnesses like the flu. Because influenza season can peak from now until next spring, it’s a smart idea to help your body protect itself.

Plus, we could all use a bit of a tan during January, right?

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  1. Vacations Can Lower Your Stress Levels

According to the American Psychological Association, vacations are actually beneficial for your mental health. It can help reduce stress and anxiety while also fighting physical ailments like sore backs, headaches, and aches. The holidays might be the most wonderful time of the year, but they’re also one of the most stressful for many of us, so you’ll probably need to decompress now.

Although any kind of vacation can be good for the mind, tropical vacations are particularly adept at combating stress. A study at Stanford revealed that ocean sounds are especially soothing to the human ear, and the “blue space” of the sea can calm your racing thoughts.

If the holidays have left you drained and anxious, then relaxing on a beach with waves crashing next to you isn’t just an indulgence; it’s a treatment for your mental health.

  1. It’s More Affordable Than You Think

Around the world, people go all out when the holidays roll around. Most spend at least $500 to $1000 on gifts (387-£775), and that’s not counting all of the other seasonal expenses that pop up. Therefore, you might think that taking a tropical vacation is out of the cards due to your empty post-Christmas wallet.

Surprisingly, tropical vacations can be less expensive than most people presume, depending on when you book and where you stay. All-inclusive resorts often offer great discounts during the slow months of January and February, and even your drinks will be covered under certain packages.

Another great bonus of travelling during the winter is that flights are often cheaper. January is one of the cheapest months to purchase a flight since most holiday travel has come to an end, so keep an eye out for reasonably priced flights.

Melissa Zahorujko and Kristen Byass enjoying the Greek Islands, Lefkada

  1. Your Mind Will Become More Alert

Although many people experience feelings of guilt for leaving work to take a vacation, travelling can actually make your mind more productive and increase your awareness. Studies have found that professionals who take time off are more productive than those who do not. Plus, the added benefit of de-stressing can make you a more valuable, happier employee.

When you start to feel sluggish and slow in the cold winter weather, take a reprieve and jet off to an area where your mind can recover. The visual landscape will calm your soul while the break from everyday life allows your brain to reset.

  1. You’ll Reset Your Sleep Schedule

Shockingly, a large majority of us (79 percent) aren’t getting enough sleep at night. Between busy schedules and high-stress levels, it’s difficult for many people to get eight hours of solid rest on a regular basis. This lack of sleep can have a wide variety of negative effects on human health, from causing anxiety to increased weight gain.

According to recent research, vacations provide an excellent opportunity for resting and building a better sleep schedule. Getting eight hours of sleep in a comfy hotel bed can give you a whole new perspective on the value of sleep. Additionally, many resorts offer programs to help you get great sleep on your vacation, like stretching classes and massages.

Before you tell yourself that taking a tropical vacation is too big of an indulgence, consider how a beach trip might impact your overall life during the next few months. If you can spend the rest of winter feeling more rested, happier, and healthier, isn’t it worth taking a few days off of work?

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