5 recycling tips to try now you have the time in isolation

recycling tips for isolation

Going through a global crisis sucks, so let’s avoid another one by getting our recycling well underway. Being in isolation has only made us realise even more so now just how important it is to look after our beautiful Earth. That means reducing our carbon footprint and actually recycling properly, guys. And seriously, we have so much time on our hands now. Why not use some of that time to start thinking of better ways we can reduce and reuse? Here are some recycling tips you might find handy.

1. Join a ‘Buy, Swap, Sell’ Facebook Group.

It’s not one of the first things people usually think of when they think of ‘recycling tips’, but we think it’s a bloody good one. Facebook groups such as these are so good for encouraging recycling. Not to mention they’re super easy to use. Hop onto Facebook and simply search ‘Buy, Swap and Sell [your city/region]’, then request to join one of the many groups out there that are relevant to you. Once in the groups, you can get buying, bidding and bargaining on pre-loved goods, as well as selling your own second-hand stuff. Monetary transactions can be done through a PayPal request or in-person with cash. It’s that easy.

2. Take your recycling bin out in style and join the #binchallenge.

So, you’re already taking the recycling out on bin day, why not level it up? I mean, you don’t have anything better to do right now. You’re sitting at home, bored out of your brains, potentially even pacing back and forth in your room thinking of ways to spice up your life. This is it. The TikTok #binchallenge. Bin day has become your time to shine. The footpath is your stage and the empty streets with literally no one on them are your supportive audience. So, don’t hold back. Throw on a killer pair of heels, a bangin’ floor-length gown and some fake eyelashes if you’re up for it. Recycling has NEVER looked better.


Taking out the bin after my husband died of mysterious reasons… ##binchallenge ##isochallenge ##iso ##boredathome ##pinup ##pinupgirl

♬ Man! I Feel Like A Woman! – The Hit Crew

3. Drop off that old furniture you have lying around that you’ve been meaning to recycle for ages but have just never gotten around to actually recycling.

Old furniture, it’s time for you to go. That broken chair in the attic? Time to go. You might even have an old mattress stored in your basement that’s just so big and bulky, you put off dealing with it every time you think about it. Also time to go. And good news, there are plenty of recycling tips and places where you can take this stuff. Just Google ‘recycling furniture [your city/area], find the ones closest to you, and away we go. See Ecosa‘s page for places in Adelaide to recycle your mattress or find your nearest Unplug N’ Drop for recycling anything electronic.

4. Get down to DIY and try upcycling some stuff.

Upcycling – for those of you who don’t know – is the act of putting your waste products to good use. That could be painting old jam jars and turning them into stationery holders. Or using the metal tins from your canned beans as pots for plants. Or pouring wax into bottle caps and turning them into candles. There are loads of creative ideas out there online. Yet again, all it requires is a quick Google search of the waste product you’re wanting to put to good use and, low and behold, a DIY project awaits!

5. Paint some shoeboxes and use them as decorative storage for small items.

This one falls under the DIY-upcycling category, but it’s one of our favourites, so we’ll give it its own section. Leave the plastic storage boxes behind and create something totally unique, just for you. Paint your shoeboxes however you like. Stick glitter on them for all we care. These boxes are the perfect size for shelf storage, so it would be silly to just throw them away. You can fill them up with stationery, hair accessories and other bits and bobs that might need a new home. Plus, the actual painting part can be super therapeutic and relaxing. It’s the perfect pastime for unwinding during such an anxiety-inducing time in our lives.

recycling tips for isolation

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