5 tips to perfectly scent your house with Jo Malone London

Moving countries can be a very stressful experience. You get to take one suitcase with you, and you need to find a new job, house and friends in a brand new city. Six weeks in and we’ve been lucky enough to tick many of these necessities off the list, and are excited to have moved into our brand new house.

We couldn’t think of a better way to make our new house feel like a home than by heading to iconic fragrance house Jo Malone and picking some fresh, signature scents.

Jo Malone’s very own fragrance and lifestyle expert Emma South was there to meet us at their iconic Harrods counter. Guiding us through their extensive range of fragrances, we learnt five important tips to keep in mind when scenting your new home.

1. Layer your scents

Layering is something uniquely Jo Malone, as all their scents are designed to be complimented by other fragrances from the range. Emma encouraged us to chose a base scent, then pick a second scent that either compliments or contrasts against the base to elevate it and create something unique.

2. Use a soft scent for a coloured room, and a bold scent for a pale room

To create a perfect room, you want to be appealing to all your senses. If a room is full of vibrant, colourful decorations and furnishings, it’s best to choose a softer, more subtle fragrance, however if your room is coloured with soft pastels you can choose a brighter, heavier fragrance to contrast.


3. Use foodie scents for the kitchen, romantic, soft scents for the bedroom

It makes sense when you think about it! You associate foodie smells with the kitchen, where all the baking goes on, so why not scent it with something like cocoa? Save the dusky florals for the bedroom where you will generally be relaxing, and you’ll always associate that smell with sleepy times.

4. Mix candles and infusers

Infusers will consistently scent a room, even while you’re not there so you’ll always come in to a beautifully smelling room. Candles often provide a more concentrated smell, however only while burning. When layering fragrances, you could have an infuser and then a complimentary/ contrasting candle to highlight a scent in the infuser and really create a unique scented atmosphere.

5. Linen sprays exist

Okay, hands up if you didn’t know that linen sprays exist? We didn’t, but now we’re obsessed. Simply spritz a little onto your towels, pillows or sheets and enjoy the life of scented linen. You’re welcome.


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