Mega milkshakes available at 50sixone. Image credit: Tempting Palates
Mega milkshakes available at 50sixone. Image credit: Tempting Palates

Willy Wonka, eat your heart out! 50sixone is here to steal your crown!

This brand spanking new sweet heaven will have Adelaide’s dessert devotees drooling over the custom homemade ice creams, red velvet pancakes and French pastries *heart eyes emoji*.

Red velvet pancakes 50sixone

Red velvet pancakes

The decadent menu will feature not only mouth-watering food, but also delightfully delectable cocktails and shakes that will charm and impress absolutely everybody with their inventiveness and theatrics.

Located in Hyde Park, 50sixone is named for the postcode of its new home and co-owner Simon Flocco is hoping to bring other parts of the world to his kitchen and dessert bar.

“Much of my inspiration came from New York where I saw a bar with a decadent dessert menu.”

Double choc brownie milkshake 50sixone

Double choc brownie milkshake

With doors set to open in late June, 50sixone has been taunting us with photos on their social media pages of extraordinary looking thickshakes with wondrous flavours including Double Chocolate Brownie, Fruit Loops, and Bubblegum which is topped with candy necklaces, rainbow sour straps, and a whole giant lollipop!

Never fear! 50sixone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and will also be serving a breakfast and light lunch menu including items such as bacon and egg sliders served with goats’ cheese and cherry tomatoes. But let’s be real here, Fruit Loop thick shakes are a perfectly acceptable adult breakfast any day of the week!

Some of the savoury breakfast options available 50sixone

Some of the savoury breakfast options available

Simon is keen to introduce a variety of new foods and techniques to the local scene, including ice cream pops as well as Australia’s most expensive ice cream laced with gold leaf.

“From simple displays such as hot tea poured over a glass of ice, to elaborate dessert cocktails that look like they’ve come straight out of Charlie’s Chocolate Factory, it’s going to be all about the song and dance,” Simon said.

Gelato choc chip cookie sandwich 50sixone

Gelato choc chip cookie sandwich

Lactose free and vegan options will also be available for those who have special dietary requirements but still want to drown themselves in elaborate drinks and decadent desserts.

50sixone Kitchen and Dessert Bar is co-owned by Simon Flocco and Anthony Canova and will be opening mid July at 144a King William Road, Hyde Park.

Bubblegum milkshake 50sixone

Bubblegum milkshake

[Note: As of February 2020, 50sixone will no longer be open for business]

Images taken by Tempting Palates

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