8 Easy Tips for Detoxing Your Mind and Body

In today’s world, there are infinite people scattered around the world who are dreaming of living a healthier, happier life. Sick of monotonous work days, social media feeds and stodgy diets, they’re searching for ways to add more meaning to their lives and shed their mind and body of unhealthy negativity. Having a detox is one of the best ways you can do this. Whether you take small steps each day or commit to an intense, life-changing plan, detoxing can open a brighter future for everyone.

Cut down on unhealthy foods

Everyone knows that there are some foods that can do great things for your health. Yet, there are also those that do much more harm than good to your system. Many can leave you feeling sluggish and tired. This includes processed and sugary foods, which can make you feel comforted in the short term, but negatively impact your health in the long run. Unfortunately, they are difficult to cut down on, but you can easily make small changes to your diet each day. Trying a detox program will also rid your body of numerous toxins.

Step away from bad habits

No one would be human if they didn’t have at least one bad habit, as such habits can sometimes pull you through some tricky situations. There is only one problem with some bad habits and its how they can cause damage to your body, mind and the people around you over time. They can range from smoking when you are stressed, to shutting yourself off from friends when you feel low. Stepping away from them is essential for detox. You can begin by recognising what they are, before asking for help on how to kick them.

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Spend time outside

No matter where you work, you will likely spend much of your working day cooped up inside. Sometimes, this can make people feel trapped, but it can also cause issues like breakouts on the skin and irritability. Ideally, it’s great to spend your lunch hour outside by doing something as simple as taking a walk in your local park. If you’re stuck in a big city like London, it’s also a great idea to head out of the city when you can, retreating to the country where you can detox from a busy city environment and welcome fresh air into your lungs.

Remove toxic people from your life

Throughout life, you have people who make you smile every day, and who will help you whenever you are in need. You may also have others who cause hurt and upset, whether they mean to or not. It can be a liberating feeling to realise that you have no obligation to keep these people in your life, especially if they are making you unhappy. Once you have bypassed the natural feelings of guilt that come with cutting ties with someone, your self-worth will feel a boost.

Take a break from your phone

People spend more time on their mobile devices than ever before. With shopping apps, fun games, and social media all in one place, wasting hours scrolling is an all-too-common experience. There are some claims that social media may be damaging mental health, but there is also much more you can be doing in the time you usually spend with your phone. Having a digital detox can feel impossible, but locking your phone away for a few hours, or going camping where there is no signal are easy ways to start. Your mental wellbeing will thank you for it later.

Declutter your space

It is an unfortunate truth that everyone deals with stress in their lives. When you let it build up, it can become unmanageable and overwhelming. Countless sufferers vouch that having a clean home helps them have a clean mind. The environment affects the way you feel, so it’s wise to consider decluttering your space regularly. This activity is more fun when you sell some of the items you are clearing out, such as vintage clothing and jewellery. In fact, you can sell your old jewellery to trusted buyers to squash any money worries that could be compounding your stress.

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Start meditating

Meditation has been used for millennia to keep people calm and collected in hard times. While there is a lot of scepticism surrounding meditation, scientists have found it effective in lowering stress and blood pressure. When combined with yoga, you can add all the benefits of exercise to your detox. Not only does it allow you to face problems in a safe space, but everybody can do it. Many mobile apps can help with guided breathing. Even if you commit to only a few minutes each day, you will begin to feel lighter over time.

Write everything down

There are many reasons why people may want a detox. Much of the time, it is because there is a lot of emotional turmoil swimming in their heads that shows no sign of leaving. This can be related to everyday stress or a traumatic event. Often, the simplest methods here are the most effective. It is suggested that you write down everything that is plaguing you, purging your mind of those thoughts. Then, you can tear out the page and throw it away. For some people, this action helps them mentally banish their problem.

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