The 90s are back and they’re here to stay

the Nokia 8110 'Banana Phone'

Everywhere you look, the 90s are back. Spaghetti straps, bum bags and scrunchies have taken over Instagram, while funky sneakers and plaid coords are all over the street. Just in time to celebrate the return of the 90s, Nokia have released their classic 8110 ‘Banana Phone’ model to help you really take a step back in time.

Made famous in The Matrix, the Nokia 8110 has everything you needed a phone in the 90s to do, and then some. Meaning it has Snake on it and that’s all we need to say really, the phone essentially sells itself.

Don’t let the retro look fool you though, this phone has all the advancements of 2018 rolled into a cute throwback design. 4G, Google Maps and Google Assistant are some of the contemporary features of this phone, however the classic Nokia ringtone and the three-letter keys are touches of nostalgia this phone has kept.

the Nokia 8110 'Banana Phone'

To celebrate the relaunch of the iconic Banana Phone, Nokia hosted a wild 90s-themed party with plenty of Backstreet Boys music, polaroid cameras and Pokemon card collections that seven-year-old you would’ve had a meltdown over. They also asked members of the public what they missed the most about the 90s, and the top three results were:

Music! We still love music from the 90s, and with icons like the Spice Girls, Blink 182 and Oasis ruling this crazy decade, it’s no wonder we’re all longing for a 90s music revival.

the launch of the Nokia 8110 'Banana Phone'

Fashion trends from the 90s are making a comeback too, with everything from subtle touches like slip dresses and coloured sunglasses to bolder trends like scrunchies and bike shorts ruling the runways. The public have spoken, and we’re all here for the 90s fashion trends.

While we would definitely struggle without a good Wi-Fi connection and our favourite apps, everyone seems to be getting nostalgic for technology from the 90s. Gameboys, Tamagotchis and Bleepers are all highly-coveted pieces of retro technology, and now with the return of the Nokia 8110 Banana Phone you can take your commitment to the trend to the next level.

Whether heading to a festival and need extra battery life or simply sick of smashing the screen on your smartphone, perhaps a switch back to simpler phone designs is in order. You can preorder the revamped phone ahead of it’s August 15 release here.

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