A Brief History of Beer

Join Trish and Will as they take you an a journey through time in a beer-powered Quantum Pint Machine to learn about the history of beer. The show puts the audience in a ‘time machine’ and requires you to drink-a-long with the story to power said time machine, as well as manically wave your arms at points for OH&S.

Learning has never been this fun, as Trish and Will tear through numerous costume and accent changes to match the point in history being focused on, and their already-large stage presence is magnified by the characters randomly running through the audience. A Brief History of Beer is for people who love seeing silly shows a little bit drunk, and drinking is encouraged by Trish and Will before and throughout the show.


The show had the vibes of the class clowns presenting their project at school, as the characters onstage were almost ridiculous but the audience couldn’t help laugh. The presentation that accompanied this show furthered the school project feel, however the videos show onscreen were funny and a whole lot more effort had been put in than the standard high school SlideShow.

The facts learnt throughout the show are far from boring and would make for good party talk, should you remember them. We would recommend A Brief History of Beer to anyone who loves beer and would love to drink it while watching a whole show dedicated to idolising the carbonated, hoppy nectar.

We rate: ★★ 2/5 stars

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