A British pub inspired by the legendary Beau Brummell

We always love a venue with a good story behind it, and the Beau Brummel captured our attention from the start. Named after the ‘father’ of the Mayfair fashion scene Beau Brummell, the eponymous pub takes all the best bits of traditional British cuisine and puts a modern spin on them.

Defined as ‘British tapas’, the menu is designed for sharing between friends, which is our favourite style of menu as you get to try a little bit of everything. All the ingredients are sourced from around the UK to ensure they’re fresh and flavoursome, with the meat being carved in-house. Even the wine list has a number of English bottles on it, meaning you can truly get a proper British experience at the Beau Brummell.

the beau brummell

We were fortunate enough to be invited in for a special preview evening before the opening, and were treated to a lavish spread of what’s available on the menu. From beef tartare to vegan wellington, dish after delicious dish came out for us to nibble on. We’ve picked some of our favourites to talk about below that we’d highly recommend you try when you visit the Beau Brummell.

The cured trout was one of the standouts for us from the small plates, served with dill creme fraiche and lemon. The delicate slivers of fish on the plate had plenty of flavour and it was the perfect light bite to start off a meal.

the beau brummell

All the fish is sourced from around the UK and served on the plate within 24 hours of it being caught, so it’s easy to see why the cured trout was one of the standouts for us. Served with dill creme fraiche and lemon, the delicate slivers of fish on the plate had plenty of flavour and were the perfect light bite to start off a meal.

If we had to pick the number one dish to order at the Beau Brummell, it would be the roasted monkfish tail. The fish simply fell off the bone and was wonderfully flavoursome, without being too salty. It was served with chunky corn and chorizo dressing, with the sweetness of the corn and the richness of the chorizo complementing the flavours of the fish perfectly.

the beau brummell

We have been indulging in some amazing cuts of British beef lately, and the wing rib at the Beau Brummell is definitely up there with some of the best. Butchered from a traditional breed of cow, it was massive (enough to share between 3-4 as a main) and had just enough caramelised fat to make it juicy, without being gristly. It was served up with bone marrow butter, presented in a sawed bone, and chunky chips, a pub staple.

If you’re keen to treat yourself to some fantastic UK produce served up in traditional British dishes with a twist, we’d recommend giving the Beau Brummel a shot. You can make a booking through their website here.

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