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It’s nearly 2020 and it’s time for us to all start facing some truths: firstly, we’re getting older, and secondly, the best Christmas presents are the ones you can eat, drink, or wear to bed. As much as we love a good pair of PJs or funky socks, if you’ve gifted someone socks every year for the last 5 years, you might become the butt of someone’s new go-to joke. But you know what is a perfectly fine, totally acceptable gift, year in, year out? Gin.

There are so many options when it comes to the world of gin now. Different botanicals, flavoured tonics and artisan garnishes can take a drink from nay to yay in 0.005 seconds, and luckily for us, Asda has a huge range for you to choose from. We’ve undertaken the hard, selfless task of trying a couple of them for your benefit, and we’ve picked four flavours that are perfectly suited to four people in your life.

Your Mum

Gone are the days where gifting mother dearest some handwritten ‘vouchers’ for a free massage are acceptable. Your mother raised you, and she (probably) did a damn good job, so it’s time to up the gifting game. Asda’s Gingerbread Gin Liqueur is the perfect way to start saying thanks for all her years of hard work being the best mum possible. Not only is it crafted with ginger and cinnamon for a deliciously festive taste, it’s also glittery af. Yes, that’s right. IT’S FULL OF GOLD, SPARKLY GLITTER. We sense a new favourite child for 2020.

Your Best Friend

Best friends are like our chosen family. You know they’ll never judge you no matter how many dumb decisions you make on a night out, or how many times you cry over the same guy. Treat them with a present as sweet as they are this Christmas, like Asda’s Toasted Marshmallow Gin Liqueur. Balancing out the sweet candy flavour with a toasted smokiness, it’s a tasty drink perfect for any occasion, and the dusty pink colour will have you ‘gramming away as you mix up your beverages.

Your Boss

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I was always taught to buy my boss a Christmas gift before the year is out. Thank you to my wise and benevolent leader for not judging me when I raid the snack cupboard five times a day, thank you for keeping me off the streets, and all that jazz. Show your boss you’re not the hot mess you temporarily became after five tequila shots at the Christmas party with something a little sophisticated. Asda’s Spiced Cranberry & Clementine Gin is still fabulously festive but a little more savoury, blending the two fruits with a range of other herbs and spices to create a gin that’s sure to impress.

Your Grandma

What would we do without grandma’s to overfeed us constantly and berate us for being single and unmarried in our early 20s? Just kidding on the last part – maybe that’s just mine, but I love her anyway. Although she probably wouldn’t expect you to get her anything, a small gift to say thanks can really go a long way, and she’ll appreciate the thought more than you know. Distilling together a range of festive spices and rich vine fruits, Asda’s Mince Pie Gin Liqueur is the ideal gift for the grandma who has everything. Pour her a glass over ice with her favourite mixer and sit down to have a good heart to heart with the woman who has years of wisdom on you.

You can check out all these gins and more at your nearest Asda, or hop onto their website and get browsing from the comfort of your own home.

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