A review of Macros delivery in Sydney

Macros food delivery

We’ve been enjoying our fair share of delivered meals lately and our latest food delivery from Macros saw us through a wonderful week’s worth of dietician-designed goods.

Choosing between three fitness meal plans, you can aim for different results. ‘Sculpt’ combines high protein meals that are lower in carbs and calories, aiming to help you get more toned and defined muscles. ‘Perform’ is also protein-packed, but they have a moderate amount of carbs to fuel stamina, muscle growth and recovery. The third, ‘Gain’, is loaded with calories, carbs and protein to encourage muscle growth.

Macros food delivery

Their broad range is something we really love about Macros. They make a point of catering to different diets even further with options such as paleo, plant-based, low-carb, dairy-free, gluten-free and nut-free.

Without further ado, we picked the ‘Perform’ meal plan – best suited to our needs – and proceeded to try and rate our healthy meals out of 10.

Seared BBQ Performance Steak – 9/10

53 Protein | 21 Carbs | 14 Fat | 433 Calories

Macros food delivery seared bbq steak

 The Seared BBQ Performance Steak had a mild underlying spice, which paired excellently with the meat. While the steak itself was a bit chewy, it was very flavoursome. The mustard-style side sauce was our fave part of the meal. Walnuts added some good crunchy texture. All-in-all, it was just a great roast-style dish – very homely and comforting, just like mum or dad’s cooking.

Classic Pad Thai – 10/10

19 Protein | 31 Carbs | 14 Fat | 345 Calories

Macros food delivery Pad Thai

Flavour on POINT. This one was our crowning favourite in the food delivery batch we received from Macros. Funnily enough, when we took our first bite, we thought it was topped with minced chicken. The ‘chicken’ had an oddly satisfying squishy texture, and it wasn’t until halfway through the meal that we actually read the packet and realised it was tofu.

Regardless, everything about this meal was so delicious. The mixed spices, lemongrass, coconut sugar and rice wine vinegar all went down a treat. It was a super zingy pad thai. Also, the veggies were finely sliced so you didn’t have chunky veggies to deal with (a personal taste we enjoy). The only chunks were the snow peas, which added a good crunch, and the chewy nuts throughout. Soo yum.

Salmon Steak Bowl – 6.5/10

52 Protein | 29 Carbs | 40 Fat | 689 Calories

Macros food delivery salmon steak bowl

The Salmon Steak Bowl tasted fresh and wholesome, but we do feel we could have made the dish ourselves. The sauce didn’t add too much to the dish as it was very mild in flavour. We personally feel as though the sauce could have been something lemon-based or something zesty to cut through. However, we did add our own sauce to the dish to give it some dimension! It’s a good one for people who don’t fancy complex flavourings or spice.

Turkey Larb Plate – 8.5/10

42 Protein | 27 Carbs | 22 Fat | 483 Calories

Macros food delivery turkey larb plate

Combining turkey, bean thread noodles, green beans, curry paste and peanuts, this larb plate was quite a treat. There was a nice lingering spice to it, and it was full of rich flavour. The soft noodles, chewy meat, crunchy beans and nuts created a very satisfying texture together – a seamless combination.

Sirloin Steak with Brown Rice and Dairy Free Bearnaise Dip – 8/10

56 Protein | 37 Carbs | 16 Fat | 523 Calories

Macros food delivery sirloin steak

We had this one after a little while so it needed keeping in the freezer, and we were surprised to see the meat kept so well. It still had a nice, tender bite to it and the soft brown rice went really well with the steak. The dairy free Bearnaise dip was, yet again, the BEST! We feel like Macros totally kill it when it comes to side sauces and dips.

Ginger Beef Noodles – 8.5/10

49 Protein | 28 Carbs | 14 Fat | 455 Calories

Ooft, surprise surprise. Yet another impeccable sauce. This Ginger Beef Noodles meal comes with a spicy, tangy sauce that, to us, tastes somewhat like an Argentinean chimichurri. Big ticks from us. The meat-to-noodle ratio is also very nicely balanced. We only wish there was more of that delectable sauce to go with it!

Mongolian Beef Bowl – 8/10

46 Protein | 32 Carbs | 11 Fat | 433 Calories

Macros food delivery

The Mongolian Beef Bowl is kind of vinaigrette-y and very tasty, but we had this one stored in the freezer too so it came out a little watery. The noodles were also quite soft and breaky, which might have had something to do with the freezer, too. The dish combined rice noodles, Chinese broccoli, choy sum, ginger, chilli and rice wine vinegar.

To find out more about Macros and their food delivery service based in Sydney, head to their website here.

All individual meal photos sourced from Macros site.

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