A spritz of self-love with Vani-T’s new L’Amour De Soi range

Vani-T L'Amour De Soi Mist

You may know Vani-T as one of the best Australian tanning brands around, but recently they’ve also started to expand into other areas of beauty and wellness. The latest addition to the range is L’Amour De Soi, a signature aromatherapy oil blend created by Vani-T.

Available in both an essential oil and a face and body spray, L’Amour De Soi offers a musky, sweet, sensual and floral scent. It’s designed to invigorate the heart chakra, inviting in positive energy, compassion and unconditional self-love.

We love keeping the face and body spray on our desks at work, giving ourselves a little mist when we start to feel stressed about things. The floral scent is really lovely and it’s a great reminder to take a moment out to breathe. As a bonus, the essential oils in the mist help to hydrate your skin, so it’s a great pick-me-up for your body and mind.

Vani-T L'Amour De Soi Essential Oil

The pure essential oil can be used in all the standard ways you’d use an oil, from in a diffuser, oil burner or a few drops in the bath, to applying a small dab onto your wrists, temples and neck for an on-the-go refresh.

If you’re trying to practise more self-love (and let’s be real, we could all do with a little extra self-love in our lives), Vani-T also have a range of delicious herbal teas. For crystal enthusiasts, three new bundles of crystals will help you channel the energy you need. Whether your goal is Abundance & Manifestation, Self Love or Ageless, Vani-T’s crystal selections all come with carefully curated stones designed to help you achieve them.

As always, you can shop Vani-T’s range of wellness, beauty and tanning on their website, whether you need a little self-love on the inside or out.

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