The Adelaide Remakery Launch

Renew Adelaide is back again with an exciting new creative space for Adelaide’s established and amateur craft lovers to embrace. With their experience in connecting property owners and creatives to revitalize urban areas within the CBD, Renew Adelaide were excited to launch one of their most recent projects, an all-in-one gallery and workshop with the theme of all things handmade and reusable.

The space is called The Adelaide Remakery, where you can do exactly that. Run by two talented women, Helen Rooney and Sue Fenwick, The Adelaide Remakery will be a hub dedicated to selling work by local ‘upcycling’ artists (almost everything on display is made from recycled goods – hello baskets made from rolled chip packets!) and hosting workshops to teach Adelaide’s amateurs how to fix clothes and more.

Divided into two sections, the front room is a shop and display of work by local artists, who will hopefully be hosting their own workshops to demonstrate their craft. Grab your delicious caffeine hit from Elementary Coffee next door, then walk through the adjoining hallway to the quaint gallery and play a guessing game to figure out what the art pieces are made from.

Can you guess what this one's made of? (Hint: they contain yummy snacks).

Can you guess what this one’s made of? (Hint: they contain yummy snacks).

It was easier to guess these ones!

It was easier to guess these ones!

Sue Fenwick, one of the co-founders of the business, says a lot can be learned from the work by the artists on display.

“We are constantly amazed by the commitment and creativity of these artists for entrusting their work with us. We call them artists and not remakers because that’s exactly what their work is. This is art!”

At the launch of The Adelaide Remakery.

At the launch of The Adelaide Remakery.

The back room of the business will be where all the magic happens. Whether you’d like to book yourself in for one of the workshops, or simply go in for one-on-one assistance, you can get hands on guidance to sewing, knitting, crochet and other crafty skills to be on your way to fixing and remaking. If this sounds too intimidating, never fear! There will also be the option to have someone do the fixing for you, if you’re not up to the task.

If you’re already confident in your work and just need a space to get it done, this is also the place for you! Sewing machines will be available for hire at an hourly rate and there will be a technician coming in to teach the common issues with machines and how to service them.

Knitting and sewing tools in the back room of The Adelaide Remakery.

Knitting and sewing tools in the back room of The Adelaide Remakery.

“Sometimes you will think your sewing machine is broken, just to realise it was something as simple as having the needle around the wrong way” says Helen Rooney, co-founder of the business.

“Were just excited to share our skills and get people fixing and remaking their favourite pieces so that they don’t have to throw them away”.

Lets face it; we all have one of those piles of clothes that need mending that never gets dealt with collecting dust in our house. Why not give them the spruce up they desperately deserve?

The Adelaide Remakery is open Tuesday – Saturday, and is located at 9-17 Young St, Adelaide.

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