AFF Runway 5: Next Gen – TAFE SA Showcase

The Next Gen runway was an exciting opportunity for students leaving the TAFE SA design school to create something unique and special; to preview in a program which celebrates local talent in South Australia’s growing fashion industry.

The emerging designers trained and developed by the TAFE SA program produced garments for two categories, one being ‘couture techniques’ and the other the ever popular and creative ‘race wear’.

The Premier’s Design Award also returned to the program for the third year which offers one young, talented designer a kickstart to their career in South Australia’s expanding fashion industry. The project was based on garments worn by Chinese millennials and the brief was to reverse the thought process around design and manufacturing between the Australian and Chinese markets.

Although the Premier couldn’t be in attendance, Adelaide Fashion Festival Event Manager Robyn Ingerson presented the award after the runway presentation had concluded with Chinese fashion student Ni Wang taking out the top prize from a pool of thirteen TAFE SA student finalists with her creation using wool.

The year’s projects also included the theme of sustainability in fashion with the rule of ‘zero waste’ introduced so that no fabric used in the garment production would hit the floor. In the world of fast fashion, wastage is a massive contribution to pollution and landfill which is why this initiative is so important for the industry and for ethically conscious consumers.

Photography: NKM Images

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