Anya Anastasia’s ‘The Executioners’ premieres at Adelaide Fringe

Yes we want to help the poor and of course we think about those living in war torn countries daily, but our lives are also very busy and stressful and at least if we buy that ‘Thank You Hand Wash’ and ride our bikes to work then we are good, wholesome people right? Right?

“If the world is my oyster, then I’m that oyster’s pearl,” crooned Anya Anastasia during her Adelaide Fringe 2018 show ‘The Executioners’. Anya’s brand new cabaret work explores the dilemma our society has with trying to save the world and wanting to share it on Facebook, but also having a life and being selfish.

Dressed in a white jumpsuit, with her face illuminated by an iPhone light, Anastasia is bubbly, funny and charming, and her voice is exceptional. In between songs, her monologues discuss the political, environmental and social dilemmas facing our world while poking fun at ‘slacktivism’ and ‘clicktivism’.

Anastasia truly believes that art isn’t powerless against the evil of our times and uses this to hold her audience accountable for the decisions they make every day that ultimately affect many others.

Proving she not only has an exceptional voice but is also a talented musician, Anastasia uses a variety of instruments in her show including a ukulele, piano and an accordion played by her back up vocalist and dance partner, Gareth Chin, for a hilariously messy fight scene.

The Executioners is digitally complimented by the visual projections of good news and bad news that we choose to take in or shut out whenever we feel like it thanks to social media. This cabaret challenges the audience to execute action and get involved instead of just posting about something. After all, every little bit we do to make this world a better place for our future generations counts.

★★★★  4/5 stars

The Executioners shows at the Queens Theatre until March 12. To purchase tickets, click here.
Also catch Anya Anastasia at her show Rogue Romantic at Gluttony until March 18.


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