APM Monaco Jewellery: handpicked by the gods themselves

APM Monaco Jewellery Melissa Zahorujko

One word: obsessed. APM Monaco is a jewellery addict’s total utopia. It’s like… the Garden of Eden for us magpies of the world. Us magpies being the lovers of shiny things, of course.

So, what makes APM Monaco and their jewellery selection so special? The designs, hands down. On their site, you can expect to find designs that have never been seen before. You’ll find classic ideas with a new spin. You’ll see modern creativity challenging the jewellery industry with all kinds of cool and quirky concepts. A scarab selection? You got it. A hand chain made of stars? Sounds fabulous. An ear cuff made to look like 15 stacked hoop earrings? Let’s do it.

There’s a little something for everyone, too. If you’re not interested in the trend-pushing stuff, there are some dainty and classic picks to suit a more demure taste. Delicate drop earrings and simple diamante rings might do just the trick. They’re also a safer option for gift-buying, should you want to treat a loved one to the glory that is APM Monaco.

Our Picks

Speaking of giving gifts, the team at APM Monaco were so kind to gift us each a couple of pieces from their online range. We felt like kids in a candy shop, that’s for sure. Mel set her eyes on the Snake Ear Cuff in an instant. She lives for any form of serpent jewellery, whether it’s a snake ring, snake necklace or snake ear cuff. She just loves snakes in jewellery and thinks they make exquisite, fluid lines that never fail to make a statement. The detail in this ear cuff is worth noting, too. The little green emerald eyes just add that extra touch of attention-to-detail and intricacy in design.

APM Monaco Jewellery Melissa Zahorujko
Melissa Zahorujko in APM Monaco Jewellery

Along with her slithering new ear deco, she picked a very simple, very wearable ring. The silver Vintage Designed Chain Ring is one she plans on wearing every day. To the office, to drinks, to fancy events – you simply cannot go wrong with a diamante band ring.

APM Monaco Jewellery Melissa Zahorujko

Kristen fell head over heels for the Mono Silver ‘Amour’ Earring, which makes for another unique look. The diamante-clad slogan style draws the eye instantly, and it’s one that can be worn both day and night, also. Alongside this, she chose a pair of Meteorites Stud Earrings, part of the Meteorites collection. These little bursts of brilliance feature micropaved white zirconia stones in a sterling silver setting.

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