APM Monaco: Keeping up with the jewellery trends

Two of our favourite jewellery trends of the moment are dainty jewellery and asymmetrical jewellery, both of which APM Monaco does spectacularly well! We love how sleek dainty pieces look, with fine chains and tiny pendants delivering on understated luxury vibes. Then there’s asymmetry in jewellery, which is very fashion-forward and perfect for those trendy touches of contemporary glamour.

Recently, we were sent some new glistening goods to grow our APM collection. Choosing from the Ete Collection and the Fun Crazy Love Collection, there were so many gorgeous styles, it was testing to pick just a few! Starting with a little personalisation, we opted for a couple of gorgeous letter designs each.

Mel was drawn to the Alphabet M Plate Necklace, which she loves to style with other APM necklaces. Perfectly stackable or styled solo, this design is such a versatile choice for everyday wear. Kristen went for the bracelet version instead, with her initial K. Such a delicate piece, it looks particularly stylish when paired with a thin gold watch. Both of these pieces feature a yellow gold finish and diamante-encrusted letter accents.

Showcasing a variety of ocean-themed pieces, the Ete Collection gives us major Little Mermaid vibes. These unique pieces definitely belong in Ariel’s secret grotto. Our second choices included a pair of earrings and a necklace each, both of which feature sparkling starfish motifs. The earrings are our absolute favourite, featuring asymmetrical earrings with a pendant that can be detached for a different look! The necklace also keeps within the asymmetry theme, complete with a fine, easily adjustable chain.

The Ete Collection also features seashell, jellyfish and seahorse motifs, each elevated by micropaved white zirconia stones. We always love APM’s theme choices because it always makes their pieces so new and unique! It’s such a breath of fresh air in comparison to classic jewellery design.

What are your favourite trends of the moment? Do you prefer modern jewellery or classic jewellery? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so be sure to leave us a comment below!

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