‘Art You Reckon?’ At The Oxford Hotel

If you head upstairs The Oxford Hotel, you will be greeted by a mesmerizingly chaotic and colourful scene. It is the work of artist Dave Court in collaboration with Henry Jock Walker.

It’s part of The Oxford Hotel’s commitment to showcasing art in a way that is accessible and promotes local talent. This dedication to the creative industry is the vision of co-owner Anastasia Murray, who says that “these experiences shouldn’t just be restricted to galleries but should be accessible in places we frequent as part of our lives”.

And what a pleasure it is to have such creativity incorporated into a scene you may not usually expect it. While it is a somewhat out of the ordinary idea, it is one that makes perfect sense. Hotels are an important part of local Australian culture – they are places that friends and families meet, where sporting and historic events are celebrated, where we listen to music and eat good food – so why not expand the cultural experience to include local art?

Court’s artwork is showcased across many mediums, but the real show-stopper is the collaboration of the upstairs pool room, which has been painted entirely from floor to ceiling. It immerses you right within the artwork, and is well juxtaposed with the more minimalistic linen pieces that hang on the walls. Anastasia Murray says that it is “an amazing piece that’s certainly risky and will get people talking.”

And if the artwork isn’t enough to entice you down to The Oxford this weekend, then perhaps their new Winter menu will do the trick. Created by Head Chef Symon Conway Lyndon, the menu has some irresistible inclusions such as Mushroom and Feta Arancini Balls. It is a menu that will keep you cosy this wintertime, utilising the best of local produce and inspired by international trends.

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