Award-winning ribs at The Joint London

BBQ Pork Ribs at The Joint London

Is that a juicy set of pork ribs coming our way? Well, we don’t mind if we damn do.

The Joint London is a wonderful place where you can forget about counting the calories for just a fleeting, blissful moment. It’s a place where aromas of BBQ-ed meats take centre stage. A place where you can simply indulge, and do it unapologetically so. Having visited their newest location in Greenwich a couple weeks ago, we had the honour of tasting almost every item on the menu. You can take it from us, this establishment is a right treat.

For starters, everything here is ultra reasonably priced considering the portions you receive. The BJ burger is thick and juicy, with double beef patty, pork belly, American cheese, secret sauce and pickles in a potato bun, all for the nice, round sum of £10. For large portions of wings and ribs, it’s another reasonable tenner each. To halve these portions (which is more suited to an individual anyway), that takes it to just £5. You can also get generous sides such as mac and cheese balls for just £4.50 and fries for just £3. There’s even a garden salad for £4 if you’re trying to be a bit healthy… although we advise you don’t, there are so many better options to try.

We decided to spoil ourselves by ordering five superb picks: the BJ burger, cheesy fries, BBQ pork ribs, wings with Korean sauce, and deep-fried mac and cheese balls. Sure, this just sounds like your regular meat feast for grease fiends, but the flavours were really something else.

Our lovely server and owner of the chain, Warren, had actually mentioned many of the menu items had won awards. It wasn’t hard to see why. The robust ribs were one of the prize-winners, coated in a thick, rich BBQ sauce with meat so tender, it tore away with minimal effort. The serving size was also huge. As aforementioned, if you want a portion to yourself rather than for sharing, we recommend the half size. And aside from BBQ, other saucing options included Korean and Spicy.

Chicken-wise, you could also order wings in the same three different flavours: BBQ, Korean or Spicy. We opted for the sticky Korean sauce this time, which was a tangy, sweet ‘n’ sour style, topped with sesame seeds and spring onion. Lovers of mac and cheese will drool over the deep fried version on The Joint’s menu. And lovers of well, just cheese, will appreciate the cheese-to-chips ratio of the cheesy chips. There’s nothing worse than restaurants being skint with cheese, right?

While The Joint as a household name has been around for a little while now, their Greenwich location only just opened a few weeks ago. Located in N1Golf, you can help yourself to some BBQ-ed goods while playing a spot of golf on their gigantic playing field. Oh, and for the avid Instagrammers, you’d be playing against some pretty damn Insta-worthy views of London’s skyline. If all that isn’t enticing enough to warrant a visit, we don’t know what is!

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