Basic Babe’s Boxtails are here to take your picnics to another level

Basic Babe Boxtails

It’s the spring of 2021 and the hottest social event of the season is the pandemic-safe picnic. After four months cooped up inside, being able to head out, meet up with friends and sprawl out on the grass in the sun is pure heaven. It’s not a picnic without some tasty food and drinks though, and after the year we’ve had, don’t we deserve the best? Ditch the boring beers and say goodbye to fighting to keep the wine bottle standing up – let us introduce you to Basic Babe’s Boxtails.

Basic Babe Boxtails

This delicious creation is exactly what our summers were missing. Like the goon sack’s hotter older cousin, Boxtails offer all the convenience of a silver sack in a pretty box while also being damn delicious. The range is available in three refreshing flavours, raspberry and lime margarita, passionfruit martini and pink gin daiquiri, ready to be poured into a cold cup of ice and enjoyed with friends.

Each Boxtail is made using natural fruit juice, is 99% sugar-free and has only 60 calories per serve. We’re not medical professionals, but that seems pretty healthy to us. They’re available in a handy 2L size, with each box pouring 10 tasty drinks.

Basic Babe Boxtails

We took Boxtail’s raspberry and lime margarita to a picnic over the October long weekend, and it was a total hit. The combo of sweet raspberry with zesty lime made for a winning flavour combo, and it was exactly what we wanted to sip on in the sun all day.

You can pick up Basic Babe’s Boxtails at BWS for $29.99, or two for $50 which is an absolute steal compared to the cost of cocktails at a bar. Bottoms up!

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