Beach Bum launches their city summer pop up

Last week, Beach Bum Hawaiian Kiosk launched their brand new pop up just off Rundle Mall, showcasing a mouth-watering menu full of delicious poke, tacos, burritos and Japanese bowls.

The Beach Bum pop up is located on Francis Street just down the side of Rundle Place and is sure to be a go-to in between Christmas and summer shopping or on your work break. With a fit out consisting of bright, summery colours, bamboo rollers, fruit displays and other such beachy decor, Beach Bum’s pop up is a little slice of tropical paradise found in the centre of the city.

Mocktails and summer vibes at the launch of Beach Bum's city pop up.

Mocktails and summer vibes at the launch of Beach Bum’s city pop up.

Having sampled the menu last week, we couldn’t get enough of the light and notably refreshing flavours. Starting with tacos, we indulged in the Luxe Lobster Taco with seared lobster, shredded cos lettuce, nori mayo and fresh lime on a toasted flour tortilla. The rich, sweet lobster taste makes a perfect taco filling, particularly when paired with a creamy mayo.

It's all about the tacos.

It’s all about the tacos.

The sashimi style, traditional Hawaiian poke bowls came in three types: salmon, tuna and avocado. Each was customisable with either Kombu white rice, brown rice, soba noodles or salad with pickled carrot and daikon. Poke has become without a doubt our favourite summer dish to go, providing a fresh and healthy alternative to your basic fast food and food court offerings. Our favourite was the colourful Tuna Poke with purple cabbage, pickled carrot and gochujang mayo.

Bright and colourful Beach Bum Tuna Poke.

Bright and colourful Beach Bum Tuna Poke.

The Big Island Vegan Burrito was once that surprised us the most – in a good way! With broccolini, peas, cashew cream, cilantro salso, toasted seasame lettuce and chilli on a flour tortilla wrap, the burrito was bursting with unique flavours and in particular, an elongated tangy-ness. Despite not being vegan ourselves, we actually preferred it to the meat burritos.

To keep updated with all things Beach Bum, you can find their official website here. The Beach Bum pop up does not take bookings, so feel free to pop in whenever during their open hours 11:30am – 2:30PM Monday through to Friday.

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