Beauty from the inside out with Swisse

swisse beauty range

We’ve all heard the saying ‘beauty comes from within’ but Swisse is bringing new meaning to that phrase with its Swisse Beauty range. Filled with a selection of topical skin products as well as beauty-boosting vitamins, they’re designed to complement each other to help get your skincare regime in tip-top shape.

Swisse Beauty is crafted using natural ingredients like antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and active botanicals to help promote healthy skin. Divided into six ranges, whatever your skin concerns are, it’ll probably fall under one of these categories: Glow, Nourish, Bright, Balance, Renew or Restore. You find out more about the ranges and figure out which one is best suited to you here.

As well as the topical ranges, Swisse Beauty have a selection of supplements designed to work alongside the skincare. All the classic hair, skin and nails vitamins are available, as well as a few unique ones like grape seed and collagen peptides. They’re designed to give your body the essential nutrients it needs to create healthy skin and hair, working from within while your skincare routine works from the outside.

swisse collagen glow vitamins

We’ve been trying out a few products from the range, and it’s safe to say we’re enjoying using them in our beauty regimes. So far our two favourites would have to be the Swisse Bamboo Skin Refining Exfoliator and the Swisse Rosehip Antioxidant Facial Oil. The exfoliator isn’t overly abrasive but still leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth, using bamboo stem powder and rice bran water to exfoliate without drying your skin out. We love using rosehip oil not only on our face but also on any scars or dry skin we have on our bodies, and the Swisse version uses certified organic rosehip so you know it’s of a high quality.

If you’re after a gentle skincare range and want to give Swisse Beauty a shot, you can pick up their entire range on the Swisse website or at Priceline.

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