Best. Chardy. Ever! Wine Machine Is Back At McLaren Vale

Following up last year’s sold-out national tour, Wine Machine will again deliver plenty of tasty drops—both in the bass and the vino.

The South Australian leg of the festival will take place at McLaren Vale’s gorgeous Penny’s Hill winery, which will leave you just as breathless as the inevitable shape-cutting on the day. Heads up though, the antics will go down this Saturday (1stDecember) with an expected 30 degrees temp. I’d get in quick for tickets.

The priceless combination of serene surroundings and a festival crowd there for the right reasons means that Wine Machine will be quick to cement itself as one of Australia’s finest. Not only is this magnificent space devoid of Stereo-Muzzas, the artists on show are LEGIT. The perfectly crafted set times will see us build from cruisey and boozy, to proper party starters when the sun sets.

Headed by Hot Dub Time Machine, a pioneer of audio-visual entertainment paired with a ‘dance through the decades’ approach, the retro bangers will get you moving well before the contemporary tunes.

This Sydney DJ delivers a multitude of timeless tracks and doses of nostalgia heavier than your winter’s tally of UberEats. The partying is uninhibited; the sing-alongs unbridled. Seriously, this guy goes off.

Joining him is Fisher, an Australian producer whose hilarity on social media has built up a cult following amongst the punters. His thick beats have seen him land high on the Ibiza Shazam charts, but we daresay he loves killing it on his home soil more than anything. We fkn love it.

While you’re there, do yourself a favour and check out San Cisco—hard to beat as the standout band on the bill. A four-piece from Freo, this crew provides trippy keys and infectious bass-lines in combination with easy-listening Indie Pop vocals. They’ll definitely draw you in.

You only need to go as far as the Splendour videos of Confidence Man to know that you shouldn’t miss this live set. Our description won’t do them justice, but you’ll undoubtedly find it hard to look away. Probably as unique as it gets.

Joining the lineup will be Kinder, Jack River, Lex Deluxe, Kira Piru and Kristina Jaman on what is bound to be another reminder of why South Australian wine regions are on another level.

I’m not sure what you’re up to this Saturday, but why not jump in the car or bus for an hour? As my Nan always told me, ‘always slip slop slap’ and ‘never turn down a chance to get loose AF in McLaren Vale*.’

This one will be big!

*Half truth 😉

Wine Machine will take place on Saturday 1st November. Head here for tickets and more info.

Images: Wine Machine

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