Bianca Pizza delivers restaurant-quality pizzas to your home

So, you’re really feeling pizza at home for dinner, but you’re a bit of a gourmet girl like us and Domino’s just won’t cut it? Well let us introduce you to Adelaide’s very own Bianca Pizza.

Specialising in Napolitano and Sicilian style pizzas, Bianca Pizza is Adelaide’s first ‘vertical-integrated’ pizza restaurant designed specifically for delivery.

Co-Founder Aman Takhar says, “We noticed an inconsistency when Napoli style pizza was delivered as it often arrived cold and soggy – traditionally it’s made to be eaten in-house, straight out the hot oven.”

“We found a solution for this by utilising better cooking equipment as well as perfecting the dough making and stretching processes.”

Aman Takhar and Jason Cross successfully co-launched local food delivery service Mlkman in 2015, whereby they learnt a whole lot about the industry. Their first-hand experiences spawned the idea for Bianca Pizza and, thus, a beautiful new pizzeria was born.

Having trialled and tested the service ourselves, we can vouch for the fact that Bianca stays true to it’s word: the pizzas arrive hot and crisp, as if they were just removed from the oven seconds ago. They surprisingly taste just as great when re-heated, which we found out after we spent too much time taking photos of the pizzas and let them go cold! The life of a food blogger, right?

What’s even better is that the uniqueness of the business model means Bianca are able to offer the same high quality pizza as a restaurant would, but at a price point of up to 20% cheaper.

To get started on your Bianca Pizza journey, simply download the app and get ordering! Be sure to tag us and @heybianca_au in your socials.

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