Bierschenke is your new favourite German beerhall in London

Bierschenke Traditional Beer Hall in London

Say ‘Prost!’ to your new favourite German beerhall, right here in London. Bierschenke in Tower Hill is bringing an authentic Munich experience right to our doorstep with their cheery staff in lederhosen, cosy wooden interior and house beers on tap.

When we saw Bierschenke’s menu we have to say we got a little excited and were tempted to order one of everything. Mel did a small stint at a German boarding school when she was a teen and Kristen just really loves pretzels and pork knuckle, so this dinner was like a nostalgic evening for us.

Bierschenke Traditional Beer Hall in London
The look on our faces says it all. We love German food.

If you’re like us and want to sample a variety of the sausages, we’d recommend getting the Original, which comes with nürnberger, Krakauer and bratwurst sausages, served with mash (super buttery and delicious) sauerkraut and gravy. We also ordered a currywurst, with Krakauer sausage, curry sauce and chips, because who can look past a delicious and slightly spicy homemade curry sauce?

Kristen’s love of pork knuckle led us to order the Haxe, which is roasted pork shank with sauerkraut, gravy and potato dumpling. The meat was perfectly cooked and ridiculously delicious, easily pulling off the bone and being just a tiny bit crispy on the outside to add some texture. The potato dumpling was incredibly dense as well, the ideal thing to mop up all that gravy.

Pork schnitzel is always a winner for us as we find it’s a lot juicer than chicken schnitzel, and the one from Bierschenke was no exception. The crispy breaded pork escalope was served with chips and salad, and we ordered it with a side of creamy mushroom gravy. The gravy was so tasty we ended up dipping all the chips from the other dishes in it too and practically licking the gravy dish clean.

Make sure you leave room for dessert when dining at Bierschenke because the Apfelstrudel is out of this world. The soft, stewed apple filling isn’t too sweet which is the perfect way to finish a heavy German meal. Coated in flaky pastry and floating in a generous amount of vanilla custard with raspberry sauce, we wish we had enough room for seconds, but we were honestly stuffed to the brim.

Melissa Zahorujko at Bierschenke Traditional Beer Hall in London
Mel’s clearly having the time of her life, beer in hand.

For you German beer lovers, you’ll be pleased to hear Bierschenke is pulling pints of all your favourite traditional beers like Paulaner, Hacker Pschorr and Krombacher and more. They’ve also worked with a Bavarian craft beer company to create a range of signature craft beers only served at Bierschenke.

Whether you’re after a stein and a pretzel or a German feast fit for a king, Bierschenke is the place to be. You can check out their website and book here.

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