Blanc de Blanc Round 2

If you’re not already acquainted, let us introduce you to Blanc de Blanc. This vivacious Fringe favourite was a hit at last year’s festival, and has returned again in 2018 for even more frothy fun. Tuesday night’s premiere kicked things off not with a fizzle but with a bang.

It’s a show about champagne. Like any good champagne, it’s seductive and velvety. With sparkling performances from impressive talent, this is a show that is simply effervescent.

Let Monsieur Romeo take you through the gutsy circus cabaret that is Blanc de Blanc, featuring a sexy aerial act and a literal bubble bath. The vintage glamour of the show oozes French sophistication but the, uh, hand job jokes roughen things up a little.

The circus acts are impressive, and the uninhibited, candid nature of the performance brings hoots of joy from the audience. It starts off with a sly boob flash or two, and ends with naked bodies and lots of barely-there nipple pasties.

This show isn’t one to take your Nan to see. There are lewd sexual references, comical stripteases, and full-frontal nudity. Get there early to secure a front-row seat and be ready for a potential lap dance from a cast member.

The acts themselves are outstanding. The cast have been assembled form across the globe to form a delicate bouquet of talent. Whether it’s the very impressive aerial luggage trolley act, the contortionist breakdancing that impresses you or the comical bubble-related fun, it’s all worth seeing.

There is brilliant characterisation at work, even for the personas with minimal speaking words. The decadent vintage costumes are wonderful but the lack of costumes are even better; it’s a show that is all at once sexy and great at making fun of all things sexy.

Blanc de Blanc ends with a babbling, bursting bubble fiesta that really does put a grin on your face. Like champagne, this shows leaves you feeling a little giddy.

★★★★  4.5/5 stars

Blanc de Blanc is playing in Fortuna Spiegeltent at the Garden every night except Monday until the 18th March. Tickets available online or at The Fringe Box Office. 


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