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Melissa Zahorujko Bjorn Glasses

Do you know what blue light is and why it can be bad for you? Nope, neither did we until we discovered Bjorn Blue Glasses.

Firstly, blue light is found everywhere around you. Naturally, it is not harmful to you. In fact, natural blue light is necessary for us to survive, keeping our sleep patterns in check and helping us stay alert throughout the day.

However, when we’re talking artificial blue light, that’s when things start to get bad. Artificial blue light bounces off of all your digital devices – think your TV, phone and computer screen. This type of blue light can cause eyestrain, dry and itchy eyes, headaches, and fatigue.

It also toys with our natural sleep patterns and can throw things off balance. So, if you find you’ve been struggling to sleep at night and spend a lot of time on your digital devices before bed, it’s quite possible that artificial blue light is to blame.

  • Melissa Zahorujko Bjorn Glasses-3
  • Melissa Zahorujko Bjorn Glasses

When we read all about this, we were instantly concerned with the heightened screen time we’ve accumulated over the COVID period. With less time spent out and about, we’ve been cooped up at home using our digital devices more than ever. If any time was a good time to invest in some blue light glasses, now would definitely be it.

Bjorn Blue have a versatile selection of blue light blocking digital glasses to keep you both stylish and safe. This Aussie-owned company is also run by a family with 40 years of experience in the optical industry, so you know they’ve done the research.

When invited to collaborate with Bjorn, we picked out the Billy Blue Round Glasses and Belle Blue Cat Eye Glasses to style for some photos. Both styles are effortlessly chic and distinctly contemporary, not to mention totally on-trend.

Having actually trialled these glasses for a week now, we can say there’s an incredible difference when using them. Our eyes instantly feel relaxed and soothed when we put on our blue light glasses before hopping on the computer. It makes very little visible difference, but you’ll notice the strain relief immediately.

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We also have an offer for you guys… If you would like to try out a pair of blue light glasses, you can use the code MK10 to get 10% off your order at Bjorn Blue.

For readers of The Adelaidian that use the code MK10, Bjorn Blue will donate an extra pair of reading glasses via the Restoring Vision Foundation! That means not 1 but 2 people in need will receive a pair of reading glasses. An awesome charity gesture.

Follow through to their official online shop here and get on board.

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