Bowling, burgers and bevvies at Queens

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When was the last time you went bowling? Honestly, it’s such an underrated pastime and people need to get around it more. Queens right by Queensway Station has reinvigorated the bowling game, taking a wholesome pastime (most likely) from your childhood and bringing it into 2019.

Grab your mates, book a lane and settle into your booth with plenty of table space for a couple of rounds of tasty cocktails. The music is upbeat and fun, perfect for doing a victory boogie when you get a strike. One of the classic aspects of bowling Queens has kept, is the vintage af animations on the screen that come up after you bowl. Who doesn’t want a quirkly little bowling pin dude congratulating them on nailing a shot, or mocking them when they gutter out?

meatliquor at queens
Delicious feast

MEATliquor and Queens partnered up in 2017 and have been providing top-notch drinks and nibbles ever since. MEATliquor has been on our list of eateries to try for a while now, and we have to say, if you come to Queens and don’t indulge in a feast you’re seriously missing out.

First of all, they have a CHICKEN PARMY burger on the menu here. Chicken. Parmy. Kristen indulged in that bad boy and while it’s obviously not your classic chicken parmy and chips at a pub in Aus, it’s still pretty bloody delicious. Taking the classic Aussie dish and making it a little bit fancy by using a fried chicken fillet, serrano ham, melted mozzarella, marinara sauce and Italian cheese all in a soft bun, we would highly recommend this burger.

  • meatliquor at queens
  • meatliquor at queens

Mel went for the Tower Block Burger, with a hash brown and jalapenos in there (yum) along with a fried chicken fillet, cheese, slaw and Russian dressing. Again, totally delicious and with some extra crunch from the crispy hash brown and a fiery kick from the jalapenos. We both indulged in some chilli cheese fries as well, with beef chilli, cheddar cheese, onions, jalapenos and French’s mustard atop some crispy fries. We demolished our burgers in the MEATliquor seating area, however we were able to take the loaded fries along with us to our bowling lane which we thought was super cool. A round of bowling, some loaded fries and delicious cocktails? Yes please.

Speaking of cocktails, MEATliquor have an extensive cocktail and shot list that’s sure to get you in the party spirit. From classics to crazy concoctions sure to send you on your way, we picked two of their original creations and can vouch that they were boozy and delicious.

  • meatliquor at queens
  • meatliquor at queens

As well as bowling, Queens also offer ice-skating, curling and ice-karting(!!). Ice-karting is something we think we’re definitely going to have to head back and try, because it sounds crazy fun. Inspired by James Bond racing his Aston Martin V12 Vanquish across a glacier, you can race against 6-8 other karts around an ice racetrack for an experience unlike any other we’ve heard of.

Looking for something different to do on your next night out? You may have just found it. To check out everything Queens has to offer and make a booking, head to their website here.

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