Bringing your bathroom goals to life with Caroma

In addition to its functional purposes, a bathroom provides a space to escape from the stress of everyday life. Whether it’s soaking in the tub, getting ready in the mirror to some banger tunes, or just taking a breather when the parents in law come over for dinner. It provides an experience which can’t be matched in any other room of the house, and one which we often take for granted.

The thought of creating a luxury bathroom from scratch can generate fear in many, especially when there’s an overwhelming range of features to choose from. Thankfully, Caroma have developed a simple step-by-step system to make planning the layout of your bathroom a fun and interactive experience. The new Caroma Concept store is situated in the heart of The Parade, which is officially the 6th of its kind Australia wide, and the first in South Australia. The process encourages consumers to take their own creative stance in the design of their bathroom, allowing you to tailor everything to reflect your own style with every detail accounted for.

Step 1 of the innovative system is designing the layout of your bathroom using a graphed floor plan labelled ‘The Design Hub’; this contains blocks you can reposition to replicate bathroom features in order to get a feel of the space. As opposed to the traditional consultation method, there are interactive tablets which you can search and save all of your favorite utility elements to help you establish a theme for your bathroom. The tablets also have a catalogue of tips and tricks to ensure the efficiency of your space. This entails information on water usage, styling, maintenance, space utilization, and provides overall inspiration. Of course, there is also a team of stylists in store to help you fill any gaps and coach you throughout the development process.  Let’s also appreciate that customers have the ability to see some of the products work in store, with a sustainable water system in place following a ‘try before you buy’ incentive.

Caroma are known for their quality products and incessant trend developments, which is evident from the 16 titles awarded on both a national and international scale. The extensive range of products encompasses all different style preferences. We’re talking luxurious rose gold tap fixtures, shower heads that resemble waterfalls, funky floating basins, and matte black accessories which ooze contemporary flair.

The new establishment has an aesthetically open, modern layout displaying all of the Caroma products, as well as some exhibition units which have been designed in collaboration with local designers/business’ to show you the pieces in a realistic setting. These units represent different themes to showcase how products could be mixed and matched to achieve different looks, whilst giving consumers some major bathroom inspo! If you’ve been dreaming of a luxury bathroom, we’d recommend Caroma on The Parade to ensure your experience is 100% stress free and tailored to you.

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