Carl Cox and Eric Powell’s Mobile Disco at S.C. Pannell Wines

For the first time in a very long time, we managed to take all of our work commitments and responsibilities off to enjoy a day full of frivolity at Carl Cox and Eric Powell’s Mobile Disco. Being a rare moment that we actually had a whole day and night to enjoy ourselves, we ensured we made the very most of it.

With the sun shining invitingly over the green vineyards at S.C. Pannell Wines, this truly set the scene for what was to be a memorable day. Having had a hugely successful run last year, the mobile disco took off in the much same fashion this year, with hundreds gathering to boogie the night away.

We started our day right with a bottle of rose, lounging ourselves on the cushy grass underneath the bright blue sky. Festival-goers bounced between the stage, the many delicious food stalls and the bar, keeping entertained at every moment. We indulged in some edibles ourselves, taking to The Fat Fork food truck to enjoy a crispy chicken burger for lunch.

Coming into the evening, we encountered a spot of rain and wind which, in fact, did not bother us one bit! The rain was refreshing after a warm day, and we revelled in it as we danced in the midst of the grooving mosh. As Carl Cox made his way to the stage, we journeyed further to the front of the crowd where we could lose ourselves in his delightfully melodic harmonies. There’s no doubt they know how to get a crowd pumping; we simply loved the carefree atmosphere!

We departed at 9PM when Carl Cox wrapped up his set, making our way back to town via our bus full of lively festival-goers. This was one great escape from the responsibilities of life and what not – we could not have taken up better way to spend the day! Each year just keeps getting better so, if you unfortunately missed out on the extravaganza this year, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for next year’s early bird ticket sales.

Richard Lyons Photography

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