We celebrate St Patty’s with Roe & Co Whiskey’s Lock In Party

Roe and Co Diageo Party at The Bloomsbury Club

What better way to celebrate St Patrick’s Day then with an all traditional lock-in party?

The other weekend, Roe & Co Whiskey held a fantastic lock-in party in light of the popular Irish holiday, and we were lucky enough to get an invite thanks to the guys over at Diageo. For those who aren’t aware of the cultural tradition of a ‘lock-in’ in Ireland, well, it’s exactly as it sounds; it’s reaching closing time at the pub, but those who choose to stay on are well in the know that it’s not really closing time at all. It’s a lock in.

Now, while Roe & Co’s party unconventionally started while the venue was still legally open, needless to say the whiskey brand celebrated St Patrick’s Day in true Irish fashion: with loads of free flowing booze. Having opening festivities start at the seriously aesthetic Coral Room, guests eventually wandered down to lush speakeasy-type bar The Bloomsbury Club for good times to carry on into the night.

Cocktails were aplenty and we soon found ourselves slowly making our way through the menu, attempting try them all while still retaining some kind of memory of the night. Canapes of arancini balls and and other such Irish small plates were floating about downstairs as guests stood, mingling over great food and great drinks (yep, these are the kinds of circumstances in which all mingling should occur). There was even a live folk music band playing those typical Irish melodies, which made the whole event feel so much more authentic and St Patty-esque.

Roe & Co Whiskey is actually quite a new brand, having only been released in March of last year. Marked as “Diageo’s return to Irish Whiskey”, this a whiskey that offers a smooth and velvety texture, alongside notes of sweet fruit and vanilla. It was the unifying component of the cocktail selection on offer, and a Roe & Co Irish Coffee-style cocktail is what we’d deem the favourite of the night.

If you’d like to find out more about this Irish whiskey, follow the link here.

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