C’est la vie at Tonight Josephine

Known for its Instagrammable florescent signs, glittery décor and plenty of pink, Tonight Josephine has just launched their shiny new Shoreditch location and it’s definitely one for the list. Whether you’re drawn by the fairy floss tequila shots, the decadent cocktails or the banging playlist, there’s room for everyone at Tonight Josephine.

Heading down the stairs flooded with pink light you get your first taste of the ‘C’est la vie’ attitude the venue is known for. Bright lights greet you with the words ‘Où est la discotheque?’, before you’re welcomed into a room filled with sparkles, lights and colour.

More than just a pretty face though, Tonight Josephine boasts a fun drinks list that’ll have you wanting to order one of everything. Organised under Party Time Cocktails, Premium Cocktails and Shooters, whether you’re a classic or contemporary fan you’re sure to find a tipple that takes your fancy. Our recommendation is the Toasted Popcorn Sour, a take on the timeless whisky sour that uses Jack Daniel’s, popcorn syrup, fresh lemon, and egg white, toasted with a flame and garnished with popcorn.

Other highlights on the menu include the well-known Love Potion No.10, a fruity gin concoction with prosecco, or the sparkly Cosmo-politan, taking the Sex and the City girl’s fave drink and using glittery Eristoff vodka. For those going out-out, Tequila Rosé is our shot of choice, easy to knock back and deliciously fun with its pink colour and strawberry taste.

tonight josephine shoreditch

Okay – now we need a little moment to talk about the food. We counted at least FOUR TYPES OF FRIED CHEESE wandering around, including whole mini wheels of camembert and mozzarella sticks. It was essentially our idea of heaven, wonderfully warm and gooey with a crispy, fried exterior. Another fave of ours was the coconut-crusted fried prawn skewers, and hearty boxes filled with little meat pies, lashings of gravy and crispy chips.

If the playful décor, crazy cocktails and delicious food aren’t enough, the singalong playlist ft. all the best bits from Ariana Grande, Beyoncé and everyone’s fave anthem Lady Marmelade should bring you through the doors of Tonight Josephine. Well behaved women don’t make history, so take a note out of Josephine’s book, grab your closest pals and head on down to the shiny new Shoreditch location.

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