Championing female sexual wellness with Feel Unique

Popular beauty hotspot Feel Unique has recently added a sexual wellness category to their store, joining other fun beauty categories like makeup, skincare and hair. We think it’s fantastic to see Feel Unique encouraging more normality around female sexual health. While it’s come so far, we think it still has a long way to go until it reaches the social acceptance of male sexual health.

To celebrate the launch, Feel Unique held a fun even at aesthetic wellness store Glow Bar in central London. If you haven’t popped into Glow Bar yet and indulged in an infrared sauna and a smoothie bowl yet, you’re seriously missing out. This pretty spot was the perfect venue to hold Feel Unique’s sexual wellness launch (not just because the store looks amaze in photos), as they have a massive focus on women’s health.

At Glow Bar, we were able to check out some of the products available in Feel Unique’s new category and learn about the brands. There was no stuffy product ranges to be found here. Everything from fun WooWoo party condoms in vibrant packaging to Smile Makers vibrators with names like The Tennis Coach and The Frenchman was youthful, playful and targeted specifically at women. These aren’t just novelty products either – each range boasts plenty of research behind it, meaning you get plenty of bang for your buck.

Feel Unique will even be stocking thoughtful items like &SISTERS sanitary pads and tampons, made from organic cotton and biodegradable.

Whatever you’re looking for, check out Feel Unique’s new sexual wellness category and check out some of the cool and contemporary brands on offer. While you’re there, you can stock up on shampoo or reorder your favourite foundation as well.

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