Puffy eyes a problem? Peter Thomas Roth has a solution

Peter Thomas Roth Cloud Hydrating Eye Gel

If you’re anything like us, you want to come out of social isolation looking refreshed, renewed and ready to smash the rest of 2020 like a boss. Part of our plan to do this is having a bomb-ass skincare routine, especially now that we have so much time to focus on it. We’ve been without a regular eye-cream for some time now, but since we’re getting older (we passed our quarter-life crisis last year), we were super keen to try out the new Peter Thomas Roth Cloud Hydrating Eye Gel.

A cult brand loved by beauty bloggers and mums alike, Peter Thomas Roth has been on our radar for a little while. We’re big fans of the Water Drench Range, which this new eye gel is part of, and have used the Hyaluronic Cloud Cream Hydrating Moisturiser before a few times previously. What we’ve found with this range is that it’s incredibly moisturising for dry skin (which we suffered from hardcore when we were in London) but is also super lightweight, making it perfect for wearing under your makeup.

The Cloud Hydrating Eye Gel is made with 50% Hyaluronic Acid, which for those in the know is key to fixing dry skin. It’s said to attract and retain water from the air around you, and in combination with Pentavitin, can help provide up to 72-hours of hydration.

Peter Thomas Roth Cloud Hydrating Eye Gel

Fine lines and wrinkles haven’t been forgotten about either. With 3% AquaCell and 2.6% Malachite Complex, Peter Thomas Roth say this eye gel works to smooth the tiny lines around your eyes, while caffeine and Haloxyl combat puffiness and darkness.

Aside from all the science and research, it looks and feels like a beautiful product too. Featuring the signature Water Drench packaging (super premium, looks cute in your bathroom), the actual formula feels really refreshing and cool to the touch. We’ll definitely be adding this one to our daily skincare routine.

The Cloud Hydrating Eye Gel will be launched in May 2020 at Sephora, where you can also find the rest of the Peter Thomas Roth range. Happy pampering.

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