Comedienne at Adelaide Fringe

sarah gaul comedienne

When she’s not teaching piano or swooning over Simba from Disney’s The Lion King, Sarah Gaul melds her musical prowess and comical storytelling as a ‘musical comedienne’ — which is something I never knew existed. Sarah began her cabaret career 5 years ago, after leaving acting school to pursue comedy.

Like all good comedy, Comedienne makes jabs at social and cultural trends. Sarah draws from personal experience to sing out on feminist topics and the aches of “growing up”. Between laughs, I felt a brief ripple of existential panic in my chest, which either attests to the show’s multi-layered quality, or my desperate need to seek out some therapy.

While I did enjoy the show for the most part, I thought that the structure of a majority of the songs felt too similar, and for a 50 minute performance that starts so late, the show seemed to drag.

You can check out Sarah’s website:, or check out her very own CD, Slumberland: The Studio Album, on iTunes or Spotify.

We rate: ★★★ 3/5 stars


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